Sunday, July 25, 2004

26 gram Nodors

These darts were a prize offered by Gazza at that I won in the Paul Williams sweeps. They seem like they are pretty good darts but the truth is I have not thrown them very much to get a really good feel for them. In my experience though, 26 gram is quite heavy for me in a non-tapered dart and I have a hard time keeping them from arching to the bottom of the dartboard. They just don't stay aloft like kighter darts. This likely more to do with my throwing style though. Perhaps someday I'll break these out again and give them an honest to goodness run. I will say this though: despite what appears to be a good grip design I found the knurling to be something less than grippy and they were a little difficult to hold well. We'll see how thi pans out in the future.

Points: Fixed
Barrels: 26 gram Tungsten
Stems: Short Aluminum
Flights: Smooth Standard Poly

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