Thursday, July 15, 2004

16 gram Radarts

These are my favorite lightweight darts and almost my favorite darts overall. They have such a terrific feel to them and they are perfectly balanced for 16 grams. They are called Radarts by DMI and when I bought them I was a soft tip player and they of course were sold to me as soft tip darts. But they wear "fancy" conversions these days since I use them in steel tip play. These darts have seen some good throws. I hit my first ever deadeye with them and I have ton-80'd with them. I used them almost exclusively during my first year in the Pittsburgh Steel tip leagues to pretty good effect. Here is the break down of them as pictured:

Points: Fancy Fixed Conversions
Barrels: 16 gram Radarts
Stems: Short Aluminum
Flights: Black Poly Pear

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