Saturday, July 24, 2004

24 gram Dart Freaks

These were gifted to my friend Karl.


GuyRebelHughes said...

Do you know who made these darts and what they are called? I have an identical set and want more information if you have any? Maybe looking to buy a spare set if anyone still has some.

GuyRebelHughes said...

I've just identified them to be Red Dragon Penetrator. If you still have them and want to sell them please let me know.

Zeeple said...

That was quick! Sadly I do not. I gave them to a friend of mine a good ten years ago as he was just getting into darts. When I bought them I got the from Mueller's Sporting Goods and they were sold under the name "Dart Freaks". I just checked their site and they no longer carry the range. I saw a set come up on ebay last week and I was sorely tempted to get them, but I did not. Good luck!