Monday, June 27, 2005

Robin Hood

It's just a bit sad when the only thing to come out of a round of practice is an interesting photo. Here's a tribute to stem springs, though: Despite the Robin Hood, the shaft was completely undamaged.

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5th: Ton-80's Two Days in a Row!

Holy Darts, Batman!! Another Ton-80! So there I was: On the phone with my mechanic, feeling myself getting poorer by the minute, and tossing some darts at the same time (I use a headset). And voila! A Ton-80 was smiling back at me from the dartboard. That is two days in a row. Here is the dart configuration:

Barrels: 24 Gram FP Laserdarts KC's
Shafts: Short nylon Spiraline (blue and white)
Flights: Ruthless Standard Hard-poly

If the barrels seem a little shiny it is because I cleaned them this morning.

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fourth Lifetime Ton-80

Tonight was a very good night. Not only did I hit a couple of ton-40's, but I hit the fourth Ton 80 I have ever hit. Needless to say I am very happy about it. The pic below is the Ton-80.

This ton-80 occured during a special round of practice in which I was trying to complete ten games of 501 on Dartpro. Why? Well because I was doing a challenge at:

These are the darts I used for that Ton80 as well as for the first round of the paulwilliams 10 Game Challenge:

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Friday, June 24, 2005

Oops.. A Tad North..

Nice grouping... Too bad I just barely missed the Deadeye! Never in my life have I personally hit a deadeye but I have witnessed it done in practice by another guy. Even during practice sessions where I just practice Bull and never aim at anything else. Hat Tricks are almost common for me, even four counts in the bulls, but never once a six count. Oh well. Perhaps next time I'll aim a bit lower.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Even Weighting: The Fat Pencil

The only difference between the Fat Pencil style and the Skinny Pencil style is the thickness of the barrel. Usually the Fat Pencil darts are brass or nickel-silver, and sometimes the lighter tungstens. The first dart below is a FP 25 Gram Black Edge-grip Greatwhite from Bottelsen and I do not like it. First, the "Edge" gripping is nothing more than running the barrel through a threading machine, as if the barrel were a giant bolt. These Greatwhites are 9/32 inch thickness which is too thick for my tastes. I had a similar set of darts that would more accurately fit into the Skinny Pencil category from Bottelsen, which was a 1/4 inch FP Edge grip Kick-Ass, which was a much better barrel. But the threading on the barrel wears down pretty quickly. Of course, since it is only threading, if you have a tap and die set you could always get the grip back by re-threading it.

The second dart is a MP 24 Gram Powerpoint Dimplex, which I absolutely do not like. However, this could have been a really good dart if they had only made the barrel a bit longer and a tad or two thinner. As it is though, it is almost impossible to find a good shaft and flight combo that works well with the barrel. On the other hand, the collar for the point is the nicest looking collar I have ever seen on a dart and will take up to two o-rings invisibly so the point never comes loose.

More Fat Pencil Style Darts. Now of course when you are making darts from brass or any light material, the barrel is going to end up being thicker. Too thick to qualify as a Skinny Pencil style dart. The two darts below fit this category. The first is an 18 gram brass dart I bought at Fred Meyer's for three dollars. The second, which I like quite a bit, is a FP 17 Gram generic dart that came included in a cheap paper wound dartboard that I bought. I would be surprised if they are worth even a dollar on the open market since they are just the cheapest possible give-away darts they could come up with. However, I like the feel when I throw them and that is what counts. In fact I like them much, much more than the Powerpoints above.

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