Wednesday, July 21, 2004

21 Gram Unknowns

These are darts that I received in the mail from Bilbo of SEWA. Bilbo has a huge collection of darts that at one point he had posted online for all to see but the last time I visited that link you needed an account to view the photos. I saw this set in the collection and they looked interesting to me so I asked him about them and what do you know? He sent them to me! In return I sent him some old Unicorn darts complete with packaging which I hope he dug. These particular arrows are short, light, and an all around fine dart.

Update: I cannot find these darts. I must have left them in a bar or at a friends house or something.

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E-Craft said...

These darts is a copy from Jim Pikes first darts i think, i have the originals at home with autograph engraved at the darts.