Saturday, July 24, 2004

25 gram Great Whites

These are perhaps my least favorite set of darts. It makes you wonder how Bottelsen can make something as sophisticated and refined as the GT, and then turn out something like this. Actually, I am certain there are many many darters in the world who prefer this style barrel, so Bottelsen can hardly be blamed for my inability to throw it! I think maybe the reason I do not like them may have a bt to do with their weight. They are 25 grams which is more than I am used to throwing in this barrel style. If I had gone a few grams lighter I might be singing a different tune right now. The darts are 25 gram fixed point Great Whites by Bottelsen with "Edge" grip and black coating. They make a skinnier variety. This dart is a 9/32" barrel and I know they also have a 1/4" line which might have been more to my tastes. I never throw these darts and I'd like trade them away to someone who is looking for something like them. Here is the break down of them as pictured:

Points: Fixed
Barrels: 25 gram Great Whites
Stems: Short Aluminum
Flights: Smooth Standard

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