Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Set Up

Monday, March 01, 2004

A Goodly Showing of Darts

A few nice darts:

Above pic, left to right.  I consider these few darts to be my "vintage" collection.  I have others in my collection that date back to the 70s and 80s, but really they do not have the vintage feel the way these do.
  1. 12 gram Unicorn Aluminum Torpedo.  This is my only entirely aluminum dart.
  2. 20 gram Unicorn Satinlux Torpedo. This is a chrome plated brass dart, and my only in their vast Satinlux line.
  3. 21 gram Unicorn 185.  Brass, and sporting the "Sweeper Long Lasting Flight". You can see these in the 1970 Unicorn Book of Darts.
  4. 20 gram UFO.  This is a hex unibody dart that used to have a rusty hairpin that held the flight in, but I swapped it out with some Voks stems that fit in there quite nicely. 
  5. 20 gram UFO.  This brass torpedo style dart has longitudinal striations all along the barrel giving it a very unique feel. 
  6. 17 gram Unicorn Bullet.  This dart is unique in that it has a 3BA threaded stem hole. Once upon a time I had a tungsten replica of this dart made by the mast craftsman Jeff Pickup.  Last I knew they are in Getagrip's collection. :)
  7. 19 gram UFO. This brass dart has an unusual color making me wonder if it isn't actually brass.  It is the shortest torpedo style dart I have ever seen.  It came in a Unicorn case that fit them like a glove but I really do not think it is a Unicorn creation as I have never seen its like in any Unicorn Book of Darts.
  8. 26 gram UFO.  This short, fat brass torpedo has a similar look to many darts of its day.  Unicorn torpedos look a little different, so I suspect this one was made by someone else.
  9. 15 gram UFO. This little beauty is one of my favorite darts to have, and to throw. It is a mix-material barrel.  The nose is brass and the rest of the body is aluminum. I have dubbed them 'Aviators' because they remind me of 50's aviation for some reason.
  10. 38 gram Unicorn 182.  What's interesting about this dart is that it came with a molded stem-flight that actually had five wings.  That is the only one I have ever seen.

Above pic, left to right.  These are basically all my brass darts, and you will notice some overlap with the top photo.  The last four in this pic are my mixed material darts.
  1. 21 gram Unicorn Ringed Brass.  This is the dart that came for free with a Unicorn dartboard I got one year for Christmas. Like all natural brass darts they feel warm in your hand and are a joy to throw.
  2. See first pic.
  3. See first pic.
  4. See first pic.
  5. See first pic.
  6. See first pic.
  7. See first pic.
  8. See first pic.
  9. 18 gram UFO.  I love this dart.  I took it to league one night and did very, very well with it. It looks a little Lloydesque to me but that could just be a coincidence.
  10. 25 gram UFO. This brass dart takes a 0BA stem (what most people call a 1/4" stem).  I have never thrown this dart.  Maybe its good, maybe its not.  I do not know.
  11. 11 gram UFO. This brass unibody dart takes a tiny screw-in flight holed that looks like it is the top piece from a two-part stem. As they are currently configured they are wearing Reflex conversion points which are perfect for them, aesthetically, and throwingly.
  12. 24 gram New World Darts prototype.  This unique dart has a tungsten core and a brass sleeve.  I have thrown them before but I do not get them out very often. They are literally one of a kind.
  13. 25 gram Accudart 301's. Another mixed material barrel. Front half is tungsten and the back half brass.  This is also a 0BA threaded dart.
  14. See first pic.
  15. 21 gram Harrows Rhinos. Tungsten nose, brass body.  I won these darts years ago in a consolation tournament. All the players who did the absolute worst in B League were invited and I happened to get 2nd place there.  This was the prize.  I value them highly.

Above pic, left to right.  This is my "smooth" collection, although I realize there were a couple I inadvertently left out.  I should have included the Pickup singleton (which you will see below), as well as the early Widows from Fansteel.
  1. See second pic.
  2. See first pic.
  3. 17 gram Voks Javalin.  This is actually a steel dart.  I know this because a magnet will attract to the body of the dart, and also it is quite light for its size. The Voks push-in stem is one of my favorite push-in stems of all time.
  4. 23 gram Bottelsen GT.  This dart has been retrofitted with a Voks stem. That makes it look like a Voks dart but it is actually a GT.
  5. 28 gram Bottelsen GT.  This is the first expensive dart I ever bought.  I bought it brand new and paid over $100 for it!  I loved it but I could not hit the red side of a barn with it.
  6. 26 gram Custom. I commissioned these darts with Jeff Pickup.  They are a copper tungsten, fixed point replica of the Bottelsen GT. 
  7. 21 gram UFO smooth copper tungsten bullet style dart.
  8. 23 gram Red Dragon Sleek.
  9. 22 gram UFO Terry Jenkins copper tungsten replica.  
  10. 24 gram Custom. I commissioned these darts through Jeff Pickup years ago.  When I had them made I was unaware of any completely smooth darts on the market.  Although my awareness of the darting world was smaller than it is now.
  11. 26 gram McCoy copper tungsten smoothies.
  12. 30 gram Schofield 0BA threaded dart.  This is the only tungsten Schofield I have ever seen.

These are all of my non-Nickel-Tungsten, non-Brass darts.  The first six are various materials, but the last six are all copper tungsten.  Above pic, left to right:
  1. See pic one.
  2. See pic three.
  3. 22 gram Nickel-Silver UFO
  4. 25 gram Nickel-Silver UFO
  5. 20 gram Bottelsen Nickel-Silver Hammerhead.
  6. 17 gram Bottelsen "Super-alloy" GT3. Love, love, love these darts.
  7. 29 gram copper tungsten UFO.  These are 0BA threaded, so this makes me think it was made in the 70's sometime.
  8. 21 gram copper tungsten UFO
  9. thru 12.  See pic 3.

Above pic, left to right:
  1. 16 gram UFO.  This is a coated brass dart, and like all soft-tip-born darts in my collection, wears a conversion point. In this case, a hammerhead point.
  2. 17 gram Halex Matchplay.  One of the first darts I ever bought.  Back when my buddies and I were first getting into darts, we had a soft tip board in our office.  But it was too loud for our workmates' comfort so we switched to steel tip and never looked back.
  3. 18 gram Halex, unknown model. They are wearing "Fancy" conversion points.  Back in 2004 when I bought them, this is actually what they were called!
  4. 18 gram UFO, wearing Lip conversion points.
  5. 16 gram Bottelsen Gap hammerheads,
  6. 16 gram Harrows Magnum wearing one of the best moving conversion points I ever bought. It is called the US Darts Balancepoint Ace Point.
  7. 16 gram DMI Radart, also wearing Balancepoint MPs.
  8. 17 gram UFO.  This is one of the most beautiful darts I have ever seen.
  9. 18 gram Freeflight Maverick
  10. 19 gram Jeff Pickup singleton.  I only have one of these (as opposed to the whole set) because a long time ago Jeff Pickup sent it to me as a sample.
  11. 19 gram Accudart Cricket
  12. 19 gram Laserdarts Nightmare, wearing Balancepoint MPs.
  13. 19 gram Voks Nobu, El-C variation
  14. 20 gram Halex tungsten dart.  I do not believe these actually have a model name.
  15. 20 gram Monster Hades

Above pic, left to right:
  1. 17 gram P.E.N. Netherlands Range
  2. 20 gram UFO.  This sweet little dart is 100% covered with a fine, yet grippy knurling.
  3. 20 gram Voks "Item 931".
  4. 21 gram Datadart Steve "Magic" Coote siganture dart
  5. 21 gram Mission Kronos
  6. 21 gram Harrows Boxer
  7. 22 gram Dartworld Pro Point 80.  This dart have a very sluggishly moving point, and for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get at it.  It might be a permanent installation.
  8. 22 gram Halex tungsten dart.  Like the 20 gram version in the previous picture I do not believe this dart has a model name.
  9. 22 gram Harrows Eric Bristow Power Point
  10. 22 gram Nodor
  11. 22 gram Red Dragon Hexocet
  12. 22 gram SmartDarts Generation 2.  I fucking love this dart.  
  13. 22 gram UFO.  I'd sure love to know what these are.
  14. 22 gram UFO.  These might have been "Camel" darts.  No idea who made them.

Above pic, left to right:
  1. 22 gram Voks Bandit.  I bought them because they were colorful but I cannot throw them for shit.
  2. 22 gram One80 Revenge.  My one and only set of One80 Revolution darts.
  3. 23 gram Bottelsen Great White
  4. 23 gram Bottelsen GT Plus
  5. 23 gram GLD "County Corks". My wife bought these for me at a swap meet in Pittsburgh :)
  6. 23 gram Tru-Lon, unknown model.  Has a fairly slippy knurling on the entire body.
  7. 23 gram UFO Dennis Priestly
  8. 23 gram Monster Helios
  9. 24 gram Bottelsen "Vintage Line" Hammerheads
  10. 24 gram GLD Viper Blitz
  11. 24 gram Harrows Dimplex Powerpoints.
  12. 24 gram A-Z Darts Colonial
  13. 24 gram Mission Quadrant.  I cannot throw this dart. It sticks to my fingers like glue.
  14. 24 gram Laserdarts Black Eagle
  15. 24 gram Muellers 20/20
  16. 24 gram Nodor STT-900
  17. 24 gram Red Dragon SEWA
  18. 24 gram UFO John Part

Above pic, left to right:

  1. 24 gram Designa Dark Thunders
  2. 24 gram UFO "Bobble" darts
  3. 24 gram Freeflight Maverick
  4. 25 gram GLD Crossfire
  5. 25 gram UFO Peter Evinson
  6. 25 gram UFO Robert Wagner.  I really like this dart, I find it very thoughtfully designed.  I like the slight forward taper and the finger shelf before the point.  Nice work!
  7. 25 gram Elkadart Steve Beaton Spring Loaded
  8. 26 gram Laserdarts Black Widow
  9. 26 gram UFO.  These are the darts that started my blog 16 years ago :)
  10. 26 gram Dart World Scoundrel.  These darts have a skinny threaded stem.
  11. 26 gram Designa Dark Thunders
  12. 27 gram UFO.  These might be "King Cobra" darts.
  13. 27 gram UFO
  14. 28 gram Bottelsen Hammerheads
  15. 29 gram Fansteel unknown model.  I believe this to be the forerunner to the Widow.
  16. 32 gram UFO
  17. 36 gram UFO