Tuesday, July 13, 2004

14 gram Reds

I have no idea who made these darts and I have no idea when they were made either. I call them 'Reds' simply as a descriptor and that is how I have coem to think of them. I bought them when I was in college because I always thought the darts in the Deadwood were garbage, which is true. I used to carry these around with me "just in case". Then after college these darts spent a long time in my glovebox waiting to be taken out and thrown. They had always worn soft tips until the last year or so when I bought some 1/4" threaded conversion tips for them. One very interesting thing about these darts is that they are threaded 1/4" on one side but 2BA on the other, so you can use either size tips or stems but not both if you know what I mean. They are 14 grams. Here is the break down of them as pictured:

Points: Fixed Conversion 1/4" thread
Barrels: 14 gram Mystery Darts
Stems: Hammerhead brand spinners
Flights: Slim Dimplex

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