Monday, February 24, 2020

18 gram Accudart Revolvers

This is a pretty interesting modern offering, in the sense that the dart has a couple of primary design features that are less commonly seen on modern darts.  First and foremost, is seems like 95% of the darts for sale out there are tungsten darts of one density or another with even brass, once the mainstay material of steel tip darts, taking a back seat.  Brass darts are still made and sold, but the overwhelming majority of dart players out there feel that their chances of hitting those tight groupings in triples are heightened by going with tungsten.

But these bad boys are neither tungsten, nor brass.  They are stainless steel. A material that is highly uncommon in darts and has an even lower density than brass (stainless steel is ~ 7400 kg/m3, while brass is in the neighborhood of ~ 8400 kg/m3).  I only have one other set of steel darts (don't think they are stainless) and it clocks in at 17 grams despite being roughly the same size and shape as my 23 gram Bottelsen GT's.

The second primary design feature of this dart is the fact that the grip relies entirely on slight fluting along the length of the barrel.  My guess is that the name 'Revolver' comes from this design as if you look at the dart nose-on the profile of the barrel is slightly reminiscent of the cylinder of a revolver (which is also (usually) fluted).  All in all I think the fluting on these darts could stand to be a bit deeper, but it is a nice design feature and I like it.

After having thrown them for a while I think that may favored configuration for them is as follows. Short length Gear Fit Stems with Shape Fit Flight Airs.

The case it come in was basically a standard folding darts case encased in clamshell packaging for store display and advertising purposes:

There was also, on the back a very interesting, if esoteric, chart to help you select what darts "are best for you.":

I do not really know what they mean by "Response" or "Compensating", but I can tell you grouping is a factor of accuracy, not material ;)  On this chart, I completely grok Brass and Stainless Steel, but I cannot imagine what they mean by listing Nickel and Tungsten as separate materials. Darts are rarely (if ever) made from just nickel, or just tungsten.  Usually it is a tungsten-nickel alloy.  Even more ungrokkable, however, is "Black Magic".  What the fuck is that supposed to be?

Anyway, I like these darts.  Well done Accudart.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

24 gram Smooth DMI Warriors

I think these were originally DMI darts in the "Warrior" line but it has been so long since I bought the original set that I do not have a strong memory of who made them.  I do know they were originally called Warriors though.

The very unique thing about these darts is the uni-body design which is all tungsten (with a steel nose) that tapers down to where it takes only the top portion of a Spinster shaft to hold a flight.