Friday, April 17, 2009

My Grip

I would describe my grip as a three finger grip, with the first finger (middle finger) straddling the point where the point enters the barrel of the dart. in other words, my middle finger is usually (depending on the dart) half on the point, half on the barrel. With very very short barrels, like my Nobu's, the finger is completely on the point of the dart, where with longer barrels I have found that my finger stays right on the end of the barrel without touching the point at all. The second and third fingers are more or less parallel near the back of the barrel. For this reason I lean toward barrels that are neither too long nor too short (one exception being the Nobu's) with front and back grippage. Knurling and grooves mid barrel or on the front half of the barrel do me no good really as my fingers almost never come into contact with it. Here is my grip:

I have been known to alter my grip somewhat depending on the barrel. My 15 gram Featherlight's for example are short with an absence of back barrel grippage. Thus I have moved my back two fingers up to mid barrel which makes for something of a tight and pinched grip, providing the feeling of "pulling" the dart behind my hand before the release. Instead of "holding" the dart, which is the feeling I prefer.