Saturday, July 24, 2004

24 gram Dimplex Power Points


smarch said...

Are the powerpoint darts, by Harrows, any good?

I am thinking of buying a set of 25g 80% Harrows Powerpoint darts.


Zeeple said...

This is actually the only set I have and there are good points and (for me) down points to the particular set I own. Overall I would say they are a very worthwhile dart if you know what body style you like, and if you are willing to experiment with configuration of the dart. I really like the look and feel of the point itself. It has a very stylish collar, and a pretty reliable and durable movement mechanism. The "moving" aspect of the point is very very good. The grip of the set I have is terrific and very aggressive. I really like the dart a great deal. The only thing I would change about it (if I could) would be that the barrel be thinner, and maybe just a tad longer. Also, I understand they have created new PowerPoint models since I bought my set. I think you would do well to get a set.

smarch said...

Hi, I did end up buying a set. I got the 26g Harrows Power Point Plus set.

The points do not seem to be very sharp, like some of the other new darts I have purchased. These are more rounded than sharp. I am not sure if that is the way they are supposed to be or not.

Shaft is long, thin.

Grip is very nice also.

Now just have to go to the local pub and throw a few for some practice.

Zeeple said...

Shannon that is terrific. I am glad you picked up a set and I would love to see a pic. Can you post a link to the set you got? As far as the points go, rounded is better, in theory, because it will help you slide past round wires on a spidered board. I hope they throw very well for you!!

smarch said...

Hi there,

I cannot find any pictures of the darts online. I will snap a pic with my camera.

What would be the best way to put a pic here?


Zeeple said...

Well, I would recommend that you use a free photo hosting service like and then just post a link to it here. I cannot think of any other easy ways to do it!