Tuesday, September 28, 2004

These are the heavier ones: In order from left to right: 28g smooth Black Widows, 28g Hammerhead GT's, 25g Shooter's Edge Crossfires, 25g Bottelsen 9/32 Edge grip Great Whites, 24g Dart Freaks, 24g 20/20's 24g Harrows Powerpoint Dimplex, 23g Shooter's Edge Warriors. The Dart Freak and the 20/20's are known as Penetrators and Chunky Stubbys on some sites.

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The full practice set, ranging from 28 gram to 12 gram. These are the darts I typically throw during practice. A wide range of weights and styles, although I definitely lean toward 24 gram, and I prefer standard dimplex flights on almost all of them.

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These are the lighter darts in order from left to right: 24g Harrows Powerpoint Dimplex, 23g Shooter's Edge Warriors, 23g Harrows Rhinos, 22g Halex 80% Tungstens, 22g Voks Raptors, 20g Halex Nickel Silvers, 16g DMI Radarts, 17g Halex Nickel Silver, 12g Harrows Crown Jewels. The last three darts in this group were all soft tip when I bought them but I only throw steel tip now so they all wear conversion points. The 12 gram darts are amazingly accurate. The Voks are "soft-steel" which is their term for convertable, but they have tungsten inserts which makes them a bit heavier.

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Monday, September 27, 2004


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Display Case for showcasing nice sets of darts. This was put together by a friend of mine in Seattle (as evidenced by the Spaceneedle in the photo). The best part is that it is all magnetic based, so the platforms that hold the darts are adjustable. You can comfortably display up to 6 sets of darts. Posted by Hello

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Here is my backboard. It looks like it is hanging crooked but that is only the camera angle. I bought a 4x4 piece of half inch plywood from Home Depot, had them cut it down to 3x3, and then at home I made it a perfect octagon. (Each side ends up being 14 9/16ths inches.) I drilled a 1 1/2 inch wood screw through the exact center in the back, and "spun" the dartboard onto it until it was snug. This way i can rotate the board occasionally. The plywood is upholstered with blue carpet that I also bought at Home Depot. Posted by Hello

Being a former carpet layer, I made sure the whole backboard looked nice by gluing the carpet down on front, the sides, and for a few inches in back. I then used my gilly gun to upholster the corners. Posted by Hello

I mark the throw line on the floor with electrical tape. It comes up easy and any residue comes off very quickly with 409. Posted by Hello

I bought one of those inexpensive 5 foot matts at Home Depot to catch bounce outs. This protects the floor. Posted by Hello

Since I cannot pound massive nails into my rental unit's walls, I hung the entire thing with this "picture frame" hanger. It can support up to 50 pounds and the nails it comes with are quite small. Posted by Hello

Attached with chain and eyelet. Posted by Hello

Close up of Carpet used Posted by Hello

Backboard. A lot of people have written to ask me how much this board cost to make. Well, as it turns out I have not tossed the receipt yet so I can give you exact numbers. I bought everything at Home Depot:

4x4 1/2" plywood....15.95
3x5 floor mat........16.97
4x6 blue carpet......11.88
carpet glue...........3.97
total ................. 48.77

Now keep in mind that there was some stuff I already had, such as the wall hanger supplied by the landlord, the chain, the eyelets, the wood screw, and I have a saw and a staple gun that I used. You can conceivably put together a similar board for much cheaper if you are not particular aabout what you use for the carpet, or a floor mat. Find some old rug laying around and a sheet of wood and you're set. Borrow tools, etc. But no matter what materials you use. A floor mat and a backboard are completely essential. The last thing you want is a wall and floor peppered with tiny holes.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

20/20's from Mueller

20 / 20's

Monday, September 20, 2004

Mystery Darts (Pic)

Mystery Darts Posted by Hello

Mystery Darts

I need help identifying these darts (see the photo in the above post), so that I can complete my set. Currently I have only two. I would like to get at least one more of the same style and weight.

Here is their story. I played on a B League team in Seattle a few years ago. And at that time there was a good team who had never been beaten. Well we beat them that night, by a slim margin, and we were the first team to ever do so, in any season. We later met them in the final Play-off match and beat them again.

The first night we beat that team, one of their guys broke a point, and abandoned his darts. I kept them as a keepsake to remember our fine victory, but alas, I did not know then that points can be replaced, and so I didn't keep the broken one!

But they are fine darts. Slim yet heavy (25 or 26 gram), with a good feel when you throw them. Thus, I am trying to complete the set, yet, I do not know what company made them. Anyone who recognizes the pattern, please let me know!

UPDATE: I have two solid leads on these darts. One source says they may be Freeflight Mavericks, and a poster over at www.dartplayer.net has the exact set and says they are made by a now defunct (or at least very hard to find) company called Wise, out of GB.