Saturday, January 04, 2003

r/Darts Weekly Challenge #4

This week's challenge is as follows:

Easy Challenge: Checkout 27 with S9, D9.
Medium Challenge: Checkout 43 with T6, S3, D11.
Hard Challenge:  Checkout 80 with T9, T9, D13.

The easy one this week was more difficult than previous "easy" challenges, but it didn't take too long to hit.  I was throwing, literally randomly, my vintage brass unibody darts:

The medium did not come too long after the easy, this week.  I hit it using my 23 gram Bottelsen GT Plus's.  They are a mighty fine dart and I would like one day to have some push-in Fit Stems made for them.

However, the closest I've come on the hard so far is this close shot using my 24 gram Designa Dark Thunders.  T9, T9, and then a miss into the S13:

Alas, I will likely not have time this week to work on completing the hard challenge.  I gave it a good go though, over multiple sessions, so it is not for lack of trying that I did not hit it!

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