Wednesday, January 15, 2003

r/Darts Weekly Challenge #15

This week's challenge is as follows:

Easy Challenge: Checkout 64 without using the 8 or 16 wedges.
Medium Challenge: Score a Shanghai in the 6 wedge.
Hard Challenge:  Checkout 133 in 3 darts.

This weeks challenges seem harder than usual (and that's cool by me :)  The easy one was gotten fairly quickly.  I wanted to go T20, D2, but ended up missing into the S20 with the first dart then followed that up with another S20 and a D12:

The medium challenge was trickier to get and took me a couple of sessions.  I found myself spending the second and third darts on the RMD routine frequently.  The RMD routine is a terrific companion to the weekly challenges.  Once you bust your medium or hard challenge you can continue doubling your way around the board, chasing those pins!  I did eventually get it, tho:

The hard challenge was quite the bear.  I decided to eschew the pro's favored route of 60, 57, D8, and up my chances slightly by needing one treble and two doubles, instead of two trebles and one double by going: T19, D19, D19.  Finally nailed it:

I have been favoring the 22 gram One80 Revenges wearing medium Condor Shapes (in glitter red).  A nice looking set up that throws well for me.  The easy challenge was gotten with the Voks Item 931s (also wearing Condors, but medium standard in black).  The hard challenge was finally got with the 26 gram McCoy smooth copper tungstens.

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