Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Dart Games

This post attempts to list every dart game I am aware of, and hopefully to include a short description and a link to a more detailed explanation of the game. Color coding is as follows: RED is the primary name of the game, PINK is any other name it is known by, and BLUE is a link to a more detailed explanation of the game.

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These games can all be played on the traditional clock-face dart board:

  • 01 GAMES - any of a number of games in which you count down to zero from a high number, and must double out.
  • 101 - a typical open-in, double-out 01 game, but good for warm up before a match due to its low starting number.
  • 301 - like any other 01 game with the exception that 301 is almost always both double-in and double-out.
  • 501 - the most common dart game played in the world.
  • AMERICAN CRICKET - most people just call this 'Cricket'. It is the common staple of American bar darts.
  • CHASE - like Cricket except there are more numbers and other categories like double, triple, 3-in-a-bed, and in general more choices on how you spend your darts.
  • CLOSED SHOP - players compete for high score, but the trick is, three in any bed will close that bed for everyone for the rest of the game. Continues until all beds are closed.
  • DODDLUMS - players count up to 101 in increments of 9.  All sections count as singles, and the scoring is a bit complicated.  Based on "Table Skittles", a non-dart pub game in England.
  • DOLLAR - a bar game that requires players to put up money.  Each player puts up bills of the same denomination and then pin them to the board.  Player to hit the most darts in them wins them all. The trick is that one dart is thrown closer than the oche, and one further back.
  • DOUBLE DOWN - players compete for highest score aiming, in turn, for specific targets: 20, 19, any double, 18, 17, any triple, 16, 15, bull.  A miss in the target halves your score, rounding down. Players start with 40 points.
  • FIFTY-ONE (aka FIVES) - a tricky 01 game in which all darts must count, and only scores evenly divisible by 5 are used in scoring.
  • GOLF - players take turns throwing up to three darts at each wedge, 1 thru 9. Only the last dart thrown of the three determines your score so if you hit a triple, don't throw the others! Lowest score wins. Scoring is: Triple = 1, Double = 2, Skinny Single = 3, Fat Single = 4, Miss = 5.
  • HOLES - In this game the players race to be the first to place a dart in each of the holes formed by the numbers in the numbers ring. For example, the number '4' has one hole in it, while the number '8' has two. Numbers with holes include: 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 18, 19, 20, for twelve total.
  • HALVE IT - like in Double Down, players compete for highest score aiming, in turn, for eleven agreed upon (yet negotiable) targets.  A miss in the target halves your score, rounding down. Players start with 0 points, and once you start score you must remain above 0 or you are eliminated.
  • KILLER - There are two very different versions of this game, such that one cannot be considered a variant of the other.
    • KILLER 1 - Players have to better the score thrown before them or they bust. Three busts and you are out, last person standing wins. A new standard is set after each bust.
    • KILLER 2 - Players determine their 'home sectors' with their non-dominant hand. The object is to destroy other players sectors before they destroy yours. You must hit your own double before you can go after theirs, and then, a double is one hit, and a triple is two hits.  10 hits and a sector is destroyed and that player is out of the game.
  • PANTATHLIAN - This game is ridiculous at best and not one I would play anywhere I frequent.  It is played in five rounds, high score wins. 1st round: normal throws, only points above 20, per dart, count; 2nd round: on-dominant hand, all points count; 3rd round: splash the darts; 4th round: you are blindfolded and spun; 5th round: backwards and from between your legs.
  • ROUND THE CLOCK - this is a race to be the first to score a single dart in each double clockwise around the board. There are many variations on this game.
  • SCRAM (aka BRAG) - one player is attempting to close sectors while the other player attempts to score on them. once sectors are closed, the players trade places and repeat.
  • SEVENS - high score wins, but the trick is you have to hit a seven first to start scoring. You can either spend one dart to hit a single seven, or two darts to add up to seven (but then you'd only have one dart to score with).
  • SHANGHAI - players take turns scoring in beds from 1 up until all beds have been shot at once. High score wins. A Shanghai will win you the game immediately no matter which bed you are in.
  • SHOVE HA'PENNY - Like American Cricket except you use 1 thru 9, and there is no score. The trick is that if you score more than you need to in a round the extra goes to your opponent. After the first person closes all their numbers, the opponent can attempt to tie the game.
  • SMALL SIXES - Like Horse, but for darts. Hit a small six for the right to set a target and then opponents have to hit that target or bust.  Three busts and you are out of the game.
  • SOCCER - First to ten goals wins, but you can only score goals if you have control of the ball.  That is accomplished by hitting the inner bull. Any double counts as a goal.
  • TIP THE TANNER - Another money based game but this one can only be played on wired boards.  One person puts a medium value coin under a wire and the other player spends small value coins for a chance to knock it out.  If he does he gets to keep it.
  • WICKETS & BATS (aka ENGLISH CRICKET) - Easily one of my favorite non-standard games to play.  One player has wickets, while the other bats.  The wicketer must hit ten bulls while the batsman racks up a high score. Then they trade places.

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