Tuesday, January 28, 2020

A Good Goal for 2020 (and for Life)

It's good to have goals.

One of my goals in general (in darts) is to make like "One Dart" Manley and only ever need a single arrow to end a game of darts.  I have decided to try something new with doubles practice.  Instead of always going round and round the board hitting double after double, my next strong practice effort will be to hit all the outs in practice, from 2, all the way up to 170.  I am tracking the effort in the spreadsheet linked-to below. 

My goal for 2020 is to complete the practice side of this effort.  My goal for life is to also hit all the possible outs in competition as well!  As such, I have added a column to the spreadsheet to track that as well.

It's an ambitious project, but I think one worth doing, and it certainly fits into my larger goal of becoming a lights-out-finisher.  If you are ever curious how I am doing with the project, click the link.  The spreadsheet is viewable to all (but not editable).

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