Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Hand Eye Coordination is Sleep to Sleep

I am blogging this mostly because I do not want to lose track of this video.  I came across it because I was looking for some tips on how to get good at the speed bag, but encountered a gem inside it as a bonus.  The guy in it claims that hand eye coordination is something that builds up slowly and requires a period of rest between sessions to have any improvements.  Hand eye coordination, he asserts, is not something that is gained minute to minute or hour to hour, but rather day to day, or sleep to sleep.

I am assuming this applies to all hand eye coordination activities, not just speed bagging. I am hoping to applies to darts and I will soon find out.  I have reduced my practice routines to just a few minutes a day, focusing on the 60's, the bulls, and if time, 5 randomly determined doubles.  So my routine is typically to hit five of the Triple-20, five bulls (inner counts as one for the purposes of this exercise), and whatever my slew of 20-sided dice tell me to hit in the double ring.

I hope the dude is right!

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