Monday, July 11, 2005

A Nice Finish

The other night I was running through some practice rounds and I ended up with a 74 out shot. I took a shot at the triple 18 and hit it, then hit the double ten for the game. It is nice when the darts go where you ask them to. I was left holding a dart so I decided to throw it at the double bull and voila, there it went. I noticed lately that I feel 'on' more and more often and that I am hitting the trip 20 with greater frequency. This is a nice feeling considering that my score have been stagnating after my initial improvement spurt that occurred during the first year of playing. I feel I am ready to move on to the next level of play but I do not know how to get there. So this new trend of hitting the trip 20 more often is more than encouraging.

As always, click the image for a larger picture.


Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! My monthly averages are actually going down on DartPro at the moment despite far more practice and attention to technique. My competitive game seems to have improved though, but it's still annoying to see the DartPro average currently standing at a very unremarkable 50.5 - and falling!

Zeeple said...

Thanks for the comment Tommo. Dartpro is a mixed blessing. It definitely provides a superb platform for improving and for practice. But at the same time it places a startling specific number on my lack of skill! The only thing I would do to improve it is make it run on a mac. Dartpro is the only reason I keep my windows computer around.

Anonymous said...

Nice. What is your highest out? Mine is a T50. I was shooting a game of 501 against my uncle when it happened. My father was also in the room to witness it. :) I was riding pretty high after that shot.

Zeeple said...

WOW! Ton-50 is a heck of an outshot. I do not believe I had any especially high outshots in league that I can recall, but I do remember lots of outshots I was extrememly proud of. Once, I was left with 24, and I decided to go s8, d8 and hit it with two darts. Another time during semi-finals I was left with 48 and went s16, d16 with two darts. That felt nice too. My highest outshot in Dartpro is 108. But unfortunately, outshots like that are rare for me. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zeeple I agree with you about dartPro for Mac, but I've try it under Virtual PC on my PowerBook 17" 1.33 GHz and 768MB of ram and it work very well, I run OS X version 10.4.2 and Windows XP professional.

I would really love if there would be a Mac OS X version of DartPro.

I'm interested in anything about darts made for the mac, so let me know.


Zeeple said...

You got it, Dax. I too am a mac head and I would love to see more Mac dart related apps. I am working on a system to run cricket in a browser so OS is irrelevant. I'll be sure to let you know about any Mac related dart stuff I come across. Except, of course, the only way I know to get a hold of you is here... So I'll blog about it when I find stuff. Cheers and thanks for the comment.