Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gotta Love It

You gotta love it when the first throw of the day results in a hat trick. Odd that you can pick up your darts completely cold and throw a round as if you have been warming up for an hour.

I have been liking the new darts quite a bit. They fly with quite a bit of authority to the targets I intend (haha sometimes) and I like their body style. Front loaded but kinda short, narrowing to a pretty small waist. The stems I have are the only length that came with the darts but they make for a well configured dart.


Tommo said...

My warm-up darts are getting better, but I certainly wouldn't hit 3 25's with the first throw. Or subsequent throws TBH :o)

Zeeple said...

It is very uncanny. I have done that before as I recall. I didn't pickup any darts for the better part of a week (because I was upset about doing terrible in league) and then my first throw was a hat trick.