Sunday, February 26, 2006

Doubling your Double Double Out with a Doubles Trick

Here is a fun trick you can only do half by accident and half on purpose. I say that because I did it by accident, but then thought it was neat. Well, not exactly by accident. I hit everything I aimed at afterall.

I had 72 left and 3 darts in hand. I decided to go 40, 32. So I aim for the double 20, hit it. then the double 16. Nailed it. One dart left. What to do.. what to do? I chucked it at the double ten for an attempted doubles trick.

Nailed it.

See, when you take out any number hitting two different doubles (on purpose or otherwise) you are accomplishing a "Double Double" out. When you hit three doubles all on purpose this is a "Doubles Trick". When you happen to be able to do both in one trip to the oche then you are..

Doubling your double double out with a doubles trick.


jsobo119 said...

Nice... I looked at your board and eventhough you didn't post the number your third dart was... I looked at the board and instantly knew what it was... I think I am going to take my number ring off too..

Do you rotate your board everytime you play?

Zeeple said...

Hi jsobo. Taking the nuber ring off is something that I am very glad I did even though many people think it is kinda useless. Not only do I know the wedges all the better now, it seems to help with over all out strategies, and intuitively "knowing" the outs. Hard to explain exactly. Also, it is easier to rotate your board since you do not need to readjust the number ring too.

I have not rotated my ne Eclipse yet, as I don't think it needs it. In fact I have to be careful not to rotate too frequently due to the method I use for holding the board onto the backstop. I have a long woodscrew going all the way through the backstop, and I have "spun" the dartboard onto it. Doing so make sure the board is very snug, but if I rotate too frequently, I will strip out the hole in the back of the board.

Anonymous said...

72 left - T16 is the only way to go . . .

Zeeple said...

T16? I would love to hear your explanation of that. My reason for going for T20 is as follows:

If I hit the T20, I have two darts to take out 12, which D6 being on the side, is a good out shot, and halves to D3 if you miss inside.

If I hit the S20, then I have 52 and two darts and I attempt another S20 and a D16, which is easily my best double. If I hit the S5, then I have 67 with 2 darts, which is T17/D8, or S17/DB depending on how I do with that second dart. If I hit T1 then I am left with 69 and 2 darts which becomes T19/D6 or S19/DB depending on the second dart.

The only really bad miss is into the S1, which leaves 71 with 2 darts. Doable, but you HAVE to hit your triple on the next dart!

Anonymous said...

During my practice last night I took out 72 with D20, D16. Didn't even hesitate at it.


72 - 48 = 24 An easy D12 to finish.

72 - 16 = 56 So now you need another 16 and back at D20. Same shot as what Zeeple described but now you put a little extra pressure on yourself becuase your down to your last dart.

That is the great thing about darts. So many possible combinations to check out.

Zeeple said...

mcvickj: I hope you spent that last dart on the d10!

Anonymous said...

72 = T16 S12
72 = S16 S16 D20
72 = D16 D20
72 = T8 16 D16
72 = S8 T16 D8
72 = D8 S16 D20
72 = T7 S19 D16
72 = S7 SB D20

Cheers from Germany
P.S. 19 x 180 2006 now

Anonymous said...

Sorry typo in the first line

72 = T16 D12

Anonymous said...

hehe. I tried for a BULL but only got a single.

Zeeple said...

Juergen, that is a very compeling argument. As it happens, the new Challenge on is 30 minutes of 80 remains. I am going to try it your way and see how I like it. And damn, 19 ton-80's?? Pretty cool.

Zeeple said...

Juergen... You're the only person I know in your country. Is there someway I can contact you outside the blog? Feel free to email me at zeeple at gmail dot com. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

> As it happens, the new Challenge on is 30 minutes of 80 remains. I am going to try it your way and see how I like it.

80 is T20 D10 of course and NEVER T16 D16

> Is there someway I can contact you outside the blog?

info at

Zeeple said...

I agree!! I was somehow confusing 72 and 80. I think this is because there is usually a debate on 80 = T16/d16 vs. T20/D10. But on that subject I definitely agree with you.

Anonymous said...

An Often neglected choice for 72 with three Darts in T12D18 also a nice finish. If you hit S12 then look for the 20's to finish since you've probably been shooting there all night anyway.

Zeeple said...

Hey, that's a very good suggestion. I will try it!