Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wooden Ton-40

I hit this Ton-40 while playing around with the darts that came with the Club house Golf set.

I will probably stash the cabinet away until I can repair some minor UPS damage, and the board will only get minimal use until I can find a second one to keep in good condition (it is the collector in me) but three of the darts will stay of of the box so I can toss them around from time to time. It is amazing how quickly you can adjust to a new dart. These woodies are thick and light. They are easily the thickest dart I have yet they weigh in at a mere 13 grams. They are quite fun to throw though. Perhaps I'll nail a ton-80 with them soon? I was consistent enough with them that I am half considering using them in league. The only down fall to that is that if I really bomb my team will think I was not taking the match seriously, and if I destroy everyone they will think I was just being a pompous doof.

It would be fun to bring them though.

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