Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A Goodly Night of Darting

I had a terrific league night last night. Not only did my team win, but I won all my games except one of them and I hit some good numbers in the process. Lots of triple 20's but oddly never more than one in a turn. So while I don't necessarily have any 120+ numbers to report I at least had many good rounds of 60+ to give myself shots at the out.

The highlight of last night would have to be the hat trick I threw in my one losing game of cricket and the fact that I was hot on bulls and was able to hit lots of them in the cricket games.

I won my singles chicago game in two games, winning first DIDO 301 and then cricket. I won the cork to start the match and chose 301 (as I always do since I m confident with doubles) I got in on my second round and then whittled my way down to a sloppy 39 out. I decided to go S7, D16, but with the firsst dart I missed into the S19, leaving 20. Then I missed the D10 into the S6, leaving 14. But then hit the D7 with the last dart to save the out. Then, the opponent chose cricket for the second game. I opened with 4 20's and after that I hit at least three marks per round until the 17's, but I am certain I averaged at least 3 marks per round for the whole game. When it came down to bulls I hit them quickly, in two rounds and then I got a nice compliment from my opponent. I hit the winning bull witth my first dart, and he said:

"I figured. You usually hit it first dart."

That felt good. All my doubkes games went equally well. In my doubles chicago match the opponents won the cork and chose cricket. I opened with a commanding 4 20's and a single bull. I ended up carrying most of the game for our team and at one point we fell behind. They were pointing us on the we only had the bulls to point with and they had the 16's. They kept pounding the 16's to point us instead of going for the win by throwing at bull. Badd strategy on their part. I ended up just killing the bulls in that game and there was no point deficit too large for me tto overcome, I must have hit 10 bulls in just a few rounds. We won, and then they chose 301. In the 301 game my partner left me with 6. I missed low with the first dart. So now I had 6 remaining with 2 darts. In practice I always go S2 D2 in that situation because aa high miss would leave me with 3 if I were to stay on the D3. And I hit it. S2, D2. I felt vindicated in my strategy.

In my doubles SIDO 501 and DIDO 401, we won both of them. I hit the winning double myself in each game but they were not high outs. The second game I won on bones! The first was a low out as well, probaably D2 but I do not remember that well. In my doubles cricket game my partner couldn't hit anything and I was able to carry us well, but not well enough. Despite a haat trick and many other bulls we were just not able to overcome a two person team.

So that was it. A good night out for me. Even in my one loss I had something to be proud of. I hope next week goes as well!!


Anonymous said...

Nice shooting. We also had a great night. Took the night 14-3. A huge win over the second place team. This will put us at 12-1 for the season and 154 wins and 67 losses. Just two weeks left.

During our Team Cricket match it was my turn to shoot. We just needed 3 bulls to win the game. Miss with the first dart. SB with the second dart and DB with the third dart. :)

I won both of my singles matches 2-0. The second leg of my Cricket match was a nail biter. My opponent was really on.

We get down to the bulls. The score was 256 (me) vs. 253 (him). He was first to the line and hits a SB. My turn and I miss with all three. Rubbing the wire. His turn again and misses with the first two and hits a DB. Knowing full well if he hits one more he would take the leg. I pop SB, DB with the first two darts.

Another sucessful night with my new darts. They felt great the whole night.

Zeeple said...

wow that sounds like really great shooting. I love it when it comes down to bulls and you just blow your opponent away. The practice really pays off. But sometimes I love it even more when both you and your opponent are shooting well. It makes for, as you say, nail biters and really makes the win that much sweeter, and the loss much easier to swallow. Good darts dude, and thanks for sharing. And darn: 256 to 253?? That must have been a point war!!