Monday, April 17, 2006

Badge of Honor

Thanks to the good folks over at SEWA (and by 'good folks' I mean Erik) I have received in the mail my very first dart patch. And all I had to do to earn it was enjoy the fruits of his labor. The patch is terrific. Now if I can only find that elusive '26' patch, the Sewa patch won't be so lonely on my shirt!

For those of you who have never heard of the internet (because that is about what it would take for you to not have heard of SEWA), the most active darts forum in the ODC (That stands for Online Dart Community) is here:


It is the result of the blood sweat and tears of one gentleman who was saddened at the decline of the formor great site and who decided to offer the equivalent internet sanctuary to wayward net connected dart players all over the world.

So stop by, sign up, and enjoy the company. I might also add that the subject is always darts and dart related and that you can rest assured that if you have a dart related question it will be answered there by many voices quite promptly.

Cheers Erik, and thanks again.


Anonymous said...

my name is Dunja and I need an advice - How to protect the floor, furniture and walls while playing dart at home?

Zeeple said...

Hi Dunja,

Thanks for the comment. I think the furniture should be moved as far away from the dart area as possible. The wall can be protected in one of two ways: Either build an inexpensive backboard like I did (see the sep 2004 archives), or use a 'surround' which is a foam device that fits around your dartboard. You can get them from Unicorn in the UK or from a-zdarts in the US.

The floor can be protected by using a very inexpensive floor mat from a hardware store. I bought a mat from Home Depot for about thirteen dollars and it has protected my floor quite well.