Friday, April 07, 2006

One For The Team

I was subbing for a friends team this week and had a good time doing it. We lost by one game, 11-10, but we put up a good fight against an extremely good team. Probably one of the best in this season's line up.

My performance was hot and cold. In my first singles 401 game I hit a Ton-25, and then later won the game by taking out the double 2. It was a close game and we both missed a couple shots at the out which is the only reason I won that one. It was the first game of the night and my opponent, once he got loose, really hit good numbers in his later games so I was quite please to get the first win against him.

My second singles match was a Cricket against their best player. A guy named Mason, who is truly a superior darter. He is consistent and strong at the oche and he is a good guy to boot. He won that game but not by much. He hit three triple 18s on me bu otherwise I think I would have had that game. I was on fire, and against most other players probably would have won. But in this case I was out classed for sure. I enjoyed that game even though I lost.

Mt darts were unnoteworthy for the rest of the evening until... I took out double 2 to WIN THE TEAM GAME! That's right. Something I have personally never done (according to memory anyway). That's right, I took out the money shot and was quite happy to do so. In my own league I would have been eight dollars richer since we all put a dollar behind the board for the team game. Alas, there is no such tradition here.

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