Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Coveted 9 Count.. er.. Points

Here is a quick pic of a score I have been hoping for for a long time, but never actually achieved. I aimed at the trip 20 and missed into the trip 1 each time! Yeah! 9 points.


Anonymous said...

Hello Zeeple. I am looking to machine some darts for a mechanical engineering project with the added benefit of the spinning flight, which I found you enjoy utilizing. Do you have any information regarding what type of tungsten alloy I would use to machine the dart barrel? Or, anything related to your preference in barrel size, weight, etc?

you can email me at markitos144 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Thanks, happy darting!

Tommo said...

I get a few of these on the 5's, so if the first one hits T5 I tend to switch to 19's, as the others seem to follow the first one in.

Anonymous said...

I did the samething but with the 3 last night in league play, needless to said we got smoked 9-0

jsobo119 said...

Where did you go? Come back Zeeple... continue your blog!

Zeeple said...

Hi Mark, that sounds like a great project! I only know a little bit
about the alloys used to make darts but what I know I will share with
you. Tungsten is the metal of choice, obviously, but these days darts
are made from either 90% Tungsten or 95% Tungsten. There are lots of
different types of tungsten alloys of course but the two most common
are nickel tungsten (more common) and copper tungsten (less common but
better). Copper-tungsten has the property of oxidizing just a bit
under the touch of human skin which improves the grip of the dart.

Barrel width is most commonly one of these: 1/4" (thinnest), 9/32", or
5/16" (thickest), and you should be able to buy tungsten rods in these
sizes. Barrel length is usually 44 to 51 mm. But they are usually
either long and thin or short and fat. The best darts start out
thicker near the point and then narrow or taper down to a very thin
barrel near the stem. Such as this one:


So I hope I was able to help, and while you are machining your darts I
hope you make a set for me!! Thanks and good luck with it, Let me
know if you have anymore questions.

Zeeple said...

Tommo: funny how they never follow the first dart into the trip 20 though!!! Sure, the triple 1 and triple 5 are absolute black holes pulling in every dart in the bar but the repulsion field around the high trebles remains strong. Thanks for the comment though.

kdog: sorry to hear about the stomping. That is always a bad way to end an evening. but you know you will come back in the next week or so, a good darter always does! Did you use your new Jeff Pickup darts?

jsobo: Don't worry, I am still here. I have been busy with work and things have been stacking up in my non-darting life for a while. Once I have a chance to unfurrow my brows I'll start posting more. Thanks for checking in!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "pat on the back".
We did make it to the semies on the 9th. On the subject of the Jeff Pickup's, not right now, I'm still thinking of the barrel shape and all the good stuff. I'll let you know what I'm going to do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zeeple kdog wrote the thanks for the pat comment, somehow I must of click the anonymous selction

Zeeple said...

Understood kdog. Glad you made it to the Semis and be sure to let me know wwhen you are readdy to order darts from him. I am always curious.