Friday, January 06, 2006

Good Times at the PLMS

My dart teammates and I had a chance to play darts with More_Cowbell and his posse last night at their home club, the PLMS. We are considering joining it (private club) so that they can sponser us in the next dart season. I hope my teammates like it as well as I, but there may be some objections based on travel time. Good times were had by me and my teammates but we proved to be no match for them. They can each throw a good dart!

I hit a total of four Ton-40's last night but no max's nor any hat tricks. Probably the best night out I have had in a while in terms of performance but I faded by the end. As Yogi Berra would say, "It got late early."

Stick won a cricket tie-breaker against me after opening with a White Horse (which was quite impressive), and I saw Tater Bob hit a 160-IN to open a game of DIDO 301 (but I was not playing against him).

So, Stick, taterbob and More_Cowbell, thanks for the games. I hope to see ynz up there again often. Here is a gratuitous photo:


Anonymous said...

It was fun to play, yunz guys. Travel time is always an issue, But it is getting harder and harder to find good Dart bars. You see more soft-tip than steel-tip boards, but you have to think of it this way. 5 soft-tippers took 1st place in A-divsion of the steel-tip never under estimate a player. Hope you come back.

Zeeple said...

I know better than to underestimate anyone, much less a soft tip dart player. I have never made that mistake, either. One of my best buddies in Seattle played soft tip all his life until a few years ago, and he never misses an opportunity to open a can on me in steel tip. We both switched to steel a few years ago...

I still have all my soft tip darts though. Next time I am in the PLMS I will bring my Raptors and see if I can still anything plastic! Thanks for the nice comments on the blog.