Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Well, I have few dart related resolutions this year. I want to hit more Ton-80's of course, but I also want to hit at least one more Deadeye. I would also like to attend more Luck of the Draws and be more active online. And despite what seems like a lot of dart resolutions and a potential for more dart activity, my primary resolutions are all health related (i.e. less junk and more fresh air).

The performance related resolutions should be easy to measure in terms of success. Afterall, there is a number associated with them:

1. I resolve to hit more Ton-80's this year (6 last year).
2. I resolve to hit more Deadeyes this year (1 last year).

The online activity is easy to track too. For example,

3. I resolve to blog more this year (91 posts last year - (131 total)).
4. I resolve to forum more this year (your guess is as good as mine).

But socialization in darts is more difficult. I know I only hit one LotD last year and I'd like to hit more this year, but my life is only 5 to 10% darts and I have so many more interests it is unlikely LotD's will play a huge role. Only when I move back to Seattle will this change (not likely this year).

5. I hope to hit more Lucks this year.

But in the end, this year is really the Year of the Dog. Literally. In Chinese astrology the year of the dog will start at the lunar year and I got a new dog a couple of months ago so it is more likely you will see me holding a leash than my darts!

Happy New Year folks.


jsobo119 said...

you have inspired me to create a dart resolution list myself...

Zeeple said...

Nice list jsobo (I checked it out). I am glad you threw in a league related reso as I forgot to. Next year...

Tommo said...

No darty ones for me, but I'll second you in more outdoor activities for the year. I'd started running on a morning before Christmas, and it's now time to get back into this good habit.

Zeeple said...

Excellent, Tommo. I was a long distance runner in my youth and it would be nice to pick it up again. Good luck with it!