Friday, September 26, 2008

Dart Bloat

I have seen many impressive collections of darts online recently, especially this one: Bilbo's Darts (link stopped working). For those folks who enjoy collecting darts, and wish to amass a large quantity of sets, more power to them. I am not one of these people yet I have over 60 sets. How is that possible? I am an unintentional collector. I gathered these sets mostly by accident and it is high time I purge out the sets I neither like nor want.

There are many that fit that description. I imagine I will keep most of my custom sets, all the sets which were gifts, most of my GTish sets, and one or two that I do really well with. But the rest I am certain should not be cluttering my already too cluttered life. It is high time for a return to simplicity. Time to re-embrace the minimalism of possession that I valued so highly in my more transient youth. I think I'll take this opportunity to list my current dart collection:

  1. 40g brass bombers, make unknown
  2. 28g smooth black GT's
  3. 26g freeflight (?) mavericks (?)
  4. 26g ct's
  5. 24g 20/20's
  6. 23g gt-pluses
  7. 23g dynadags
  8. 23g county corks
  9. 22g halex tungstens
  10. 21g voks raptors
  11. 21g harrows magnums
  12. 21g unicorn brass
  13. 21g harrows rhinos
  14. 21g datadart steve "magic" cootes
  15. 20g pickup customs
  16. 20g halex tungstens
  17. 20g halex nickel-silvers
  18. 19g voks nobus
  19. 18g kort haus mavericks
  20. 18g wazza customs
  21. 16g radarts
  22. 26g unknown ringed hammerheads
  23. 24g dart freaks
  24. 22g unicron latinum colin lloyds
  25. 20g puma kings
  26. 25g accudart penetrators
  27. 24g copper tungsten bullets

That's about it. For the record, I am starting with 70 sets on September 26th, 2008. I'll try to turn each of these list items into links so more details on the sets can be viewed. To my recollection, these are the sets of darts which I have owned in the past which I have sold or traded away:

  1. 28g laserdarts smooth black widows, traded to JME in July 08 for the gt-pluses
  2. 27g gt3's, traded to crashfromboston for the new world darts
  3. 24g bottelsens, traded to griff for the target sports
  4. 23g unicorn john part latinums, traded to sleepykramer for the accudart penetrators
  5. 24g Harrows Powerpoint Dimplex, traded to bret23 for the unknown bottelsens
  6. 24g laserdart kc's traded to griff for the fixed point gt's
  7. 23g Harrows Magnums, traded to ??? for the Lewis' and the V-wings
  8. 24g Unicorn F136's (gifted to my friend Glen for his birthday)
  9. 19g halex hawkeyes (ebayed for a pittance)
  10. 25g black "edge" great whites (ebayed for a fair price)
  11. 30g smooth original hammerheads (ebayed for a fair price)
  12. 25g crossfires (ebayed for a fair price)
  13. 26g ringed generics (ebayed for a pittance)
  14. 26g nodors (ebayed for a pittance)
  15. 10g unicorn bantams (sold to Barry Leigh for a fair price)
  16. 24g scoundrels (sold to Mick in Canada for a fair price)
  17. 26g Unicorn Bullets (ebayed to a guy in Spain)
  18. 12g harrows crown jewels (ebayed)
  19. 14g college darts (ebayed)
  20. 21g Harrows V-Wing (ebayed)
  21. 27g harrows axis (ebayed)
  22. 20g accudart 501's nickel-silver (ebayed)
  23. 17g halex silversofts (ebayed)
  24. 21g adrian lewis (sold to delfam on SEWA)
  25. 23g unicorn hustlers (sent to Bilbo as a Thank you for the 21 gram Unknowns)
  26. 17g chrome plated brass (ebayed)
  27. 21g harrows assassins (sold to finderne of SEWA)
  28. 18g halex brass (ebayed)
  29. 16g Unicorn dum dums (gifted to my good buddy Glen Huff)
  30. 10g rubber ringers (ebayed)
  31. 22g harrows dimplex (sent off to Vasco Roque in Portugal)
  32. Accudart Variants (gifted to my friend Byron (but he doesn't know it yet))
  33. 24g mega thrusts (sold to same said friend for a fair price)
  34. 22g fixed point megathrusts (sold to D. Griffin in NS for a fair price)
  35. 22g spectacular 1989's (ebayed for a small amount)
  36. 24g stt-900's (ebayed)
  37. 15g reddragon featherlights (sold to Ron Whittle for a fair price)
  38. 17g reddragon featherlights (sold to Jester (of SEWA) for a fair price)
  39. 24g piranhas (sold on eBay)
  40. 26g accudart fastbacks (gifted to mcvickj)
  41. 25g accudart 301's (gifted to mcvickj)
  42. 24g dagnabits (sold to mcvickj)
  43. 24g new world darts (to be gifted to my good buddy Glen this summer (2011))
  44. 25g NT's (pickup customs) (sold)
  45. 19g harrows tigers (traded to a teammate)
  46. 16g black gt3s (sold to RodmanRodman)
  47. 20 gram Co Stompe's (sold to RodmanRodman)
  48. 7g Unicorn Extralights (gifted to my good buddy Glen)
  49. 23g warriors (traded to littleman124)
  50. 22g orion vector smart darts (ebayed for a pittance)
  51. 24g bombs (sold on eBay)
  52. 25g target sports (sold on eBay)
  53. 21g Unknowns (these are lost!)

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