Wednesday, September 03, 2008

35th Lifetime Ton-80

I am not sure when I will finally stop being excited about hitting a max. Hopefully never even though any pros who happen to read this will likely think it laughable that I take pictures of each one.

Perhaps when I finally hit one in competiton will I let up already and just keep track of the number... nah... gotta have something to blog about right?

Again this is the Medium Snow White stem and Slim dimplex flight combo I have been partial to.


Anonymous said...

Hello there, nice blog!!
I'm also a dart addicted... and recently bought a set of darts like this on e-bay but I don't know what they are, they came with silver points and i think 26 grams... can you help me please?

Zeeple said...

Hi there. I am glad you like the blog. Send me a picture of your darts and I'll try to help you find out what they are. Also, the ones pictures in that post are Maverick's by Freeflight. Cheers!