Monday, February 11, 2008

130, Double Bull Out

Today at work during a DIDO 301 game against my teammate I hit a real humdinger. Sitting at 130 I shot for the triple 20 and missed into the single. I then hit the triple 20 with my second dart, leaving 50:

Also of note is that I skunked my opponent. He never got on the board. I felt good about that game all day long!


Anonymous said...

Then again, of note is that your opponent won two of three, the prior 501 DD/DO and Cricket games, with a significant lead on both.

Barnicle (the opponent) :)

Zeeple said...

Also of note is that said opponent (he who is called Barnicle of the Hebrides) has a long history of trouncing me in all dart games, serving the very triple purpose of keeping me on my toes, preventing boastfulness, and making rare victories like these all the more sweeter to my palette. Now, if google is true to their word, I will enjoy this memory in perpetuity.

Anonymous said...

Oh contraire! It ONCE was that I regularly trounced Zeeple. But several years ago, with much practice under his belt, Zeeple has turned the tables, where I suffer the more frequent defeat (bastard!), and the wins for me are now the rare events.