Tuesday, January 22, 2008

25 gram NT's

These beauties were custom made but not for me. They we commissioned by a guy in Canada who ended up deciding that he did not like them as well as he thought he would. The craftsmanship is remarkable, and the balance quite nice. So far in the 2 hours I have owned them I have hit several low tons and at least one ton-40. I am thrilled to have them. I call them NT's for the same reason I call my other similar set my "CT's". NT stands for Nickel Tungsten.

Update: these were sold to Gene (of SEWA) in May 2011. I hope he enjoys them!


Anonymous said...

glad you like them zeeple..the ones i got from you are great.. thank's Griff

Zeeple said...

No problem Griff. I think we put together a pretty good trade.

Anonymous said...

neat, how much would those cost?

Zeeple said...

Well I didn't pay anything for them so I really don't know. however, I fully encourage you to contact Jeff Pickup and find out! His contact info is here: