Tuesday, January 29, 2008

24th Maximum

So my 24th maximum came on the very second throw of some brandnew darts, the 24 gram Bullets in fact. It occurred early last December but I failed to blog it at the time. That would have made it my last Ton-80 of 2007. I still have not hit one in 2008 but my goal for this year is to hit one in competition. Even if it is friendly competition, it has to be during a game. I have done that in soft tip (that makes me sound like a soft tipper which I am not) but never in steel tip. It is also worth noting that I only hit 2 maximums in all of 2007. That's fewer than even in 2004 which is the first year I ever hit one.

2004 - 3 Ton-80's
2005 - 6
2006 - 13
2007 - 2

The darts in the picture were brand spanking new at the time and I was still learning how to throw them. The grippage is the opposite of what my grip requires and I recall that on that particular throw I two fingered the darts and "pulled" them to the board. Odd feel throw with pleasing, but unrepeatable, results.

While I am going to give my Nobu's priority handling in the months to come my guess is that my next max will come off the 21 gram Assassins. They have been floating in there pretty good for me lately.

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