Monday, April 09, 2007

Super Streamlined Pickup Points

These are some photos that Jeff had sent me a while back that I never had the chance to put up on the blog. They are of his new MP design that does two things: First, it makes the o-ring more optional that it was before as you had to really dig in his old points to fish out the embedded o-ring, and Second, lathing down the collar to match your darts makes the MP dart close in weight length and balance to an FP dart. Take a look at the photo below. As you can see the collar is extremely small and it does not consist of enough material to house an internal o-ring groove. Secondly, if you want a more free moving point you can completely omit the o-ring entirely by sliding it off the back of the point.

Here is what the MP system looks like on the dart. In this picture the collar has been gently lathed smooth to the barrel. It looks quite nice.

Like what you see? Email Jeff and ask about prices!

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