Friday, April 06, 2007

Ozzie Doubles Trick

Well, not exactly 'Ozzie' but I was using the new darts I got in trade from Wazza, who is a darter friend from Down under and who posts to this blog occasionally. A doubles trick, for those of you who do not know, is when you hit all three doubles you are aiming at in the same round. This particular DT occurred in the thirteenth round of the April Challenge, and I was aiming at the 2, the 1 and the 20 in that order:

The darts are actually quite nice. They are short, probably 41 mm long, and have a nice feel to them with ample ringage and just a hint of taper. They are 18 grams and were designed for soft tip usage. Since I did not already have some 18 gram steel tip darts that I liked a lot I thought it would be a nice trade (and a nice trade it was!). One down side to them is that the threading is a little too tight. I cannot get steel conversion points in them all the way. This is fixable, however.

The darts themselves:

They are dressed in short spiraline stems and coal cracker dimplex flights. The practice routine I was doing is quite a good one for doubles practice and is a challenge posted over at Paul William's forum. The idea is simple: count how many darts it takes you to hit all of the doubles, including the double bull, and then post your results to compare with others. And of course try to beat your score!! Here is a link to the forum, the April Challenge is in the Dart Chat area:

Have fun!!

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