Sunday, April 01, 2007

26 gram Accudart Unknowns

There are a few reasons why I know these are Accudarts. First, the stems that they came with appear proprietary and say "Accudart" on them. This combination nails it. Also, They came in an Accudart case. Last but not least, the collar of the moving point is extremely similar in design to the collars of the Accudart Penetrators that I have, although these move back and forth in the dart as well as spin. I am 99.9% certain that these are Accudart darts, I just do not know what model name belongs to it, or what "Line" it comes from.

This is a very skinny waisted dart and may have been Accudart's answer to the GT from Bottelsen. The thread size on the stem is a bit bigger than that of the GT but very very close. The GT scew in stems work on these darts. They are a bit loose but they do screw in tight enough that they will not come loose. However, the stems that come with these darts are just a hair too big to fit in the GT's. Additionally, their relatively small size compared to their 26 gram weight makes me think this is a 95% tungsten dart. This is not unreasonable given that the Penetrator line were also 95%.

Anyone with information regarding these darts, please let me know. Thanks!

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