Sunday, July 25, 2004

25 gram Target Sports

Another great trade. I sent my unknown 24 gram Bottelsens to Griff up in snowy Canada in exchange for these beauties.

For a 25 gram dart, which is normally several grams too heavy for me, they fly really well and they have a very satisfying thunk when they hit the board. Especially when they hit what I am aiming at. I am very satisfied with these darts even though I do not keep them in my immediate repertoire. I had bought a set of the Target Precisions before in the 24 grams but I ended up sending them back. I just could not get the grip right on them. These days, now that I have moved my grip forward on the barrel I might not have sent them back as I recall they were very nicely made darts. But at the time I was disenchanted.

I normally don't throw "short fatties" either, which makes these an unusal dart for me to like and recommend but lo and behold I do.

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