Wednesday, July 14, 2004

15 gram Featherlights

These are 15 gram Featherlights by Nodor. They are the lightest fixed point steel tip dart I have and at the time I bought them they were the lightest I'd ever heard of. Although now I am certainly aware that lighter fixed point darts exist, and in this very line they have a 14 gram Featherlight. These are pretty good darts on the whole but I do not throw them very often. They are a short 41 mm long and are one of the few darts I have that can take a medium length shaft effectively. Here is the break down of them as pictured:

Points: Fixed
Barrels: 15 gram Featherlights
Stems: Medium Spiraline (nylon)
Flights: Standard Dimplex


Connor said...

Nice arrows . do you think you would be interested in selling these?..

Zeeple said...

Yes indeed. Email me to with your offer. And they ARE very excellent arrows. I have been throwing a lighter dart lately, usually in the 17 to 21 gram range, and every now and then I break these out and they REALLY help correct my throw when it gets off.