Sunday, July 25, 2004

26 gram Mavericks

These are 26 gram Mavericks by Freeflight. They are an old design and have a very unique texture on them. Along the length of the barrel there is a striation looking something like this: ~~~~~~~~ (zoom in on the photo to see it). They are fixed point and are your classic skinny pencil style dart, yet the tungsten must be a high percentage because despite a short quarter inch barrel the darts are very heavy. I also like the way the tungsten turned dark. The shortness of the barrel makes for a dart that has most of the weight in the front (what's that? A forward weighted, yet non-tapered dart? - Yes. All darts are forward weighted to some degree) which also provides an excellent throw. I threw these darts for about half a league season in Pittsburgh before shelving them. Just a tad too heavy for my tastes. You can also see that one of the darts is different. There is an interesting story behind this... You can read about it here:

Mystery Darts Reposted

Here is the break down of them as pictured:

Points: Fixed
Barrels: 26 gram Mavericks
Stems: Medium Black GLD Nylons
Flights: Smooth Standard Poly

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