Wednesday, June 21, 2006

14th Lifetime Ton-80

The jinx of 13 maximums is over, if there ever was such a jinx. You see I hit my 14th lifetime ton-80 today while throwing a set of darts that Mcvickj sent to me. The darts are quite nice although they have the unusal property of being a little difficult to configure well.

The darts weigh in at a cool 23.6 grams each according to my handy dandy electronic gram scale and they are quite short. This gave me the impression when I first picked them up that they were a little heavier than they actually are. I was guessing they'd weigh in at about 26 but I was wrong on that. None the less I attempted to configure them as well as I could at mcvickj's request and I think I have found the correct solution. I dressed them with in-between length nylon curvy stems and smooth poly pears. I tried a lot of different combinations but this worked the best for me, and the ton-80 above seals the deal.

Mcvickj and I have engaged in a dart swap. I sent him my Dagnabits for him to try and he sent me some purists and these guys. I am working on the purists now... incidentally, here was my first pic with mcvickj's darts:

Don't worry mcvickj... the stem is in good shape. The stem ring protected it!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Unlucky 13

I hit my 13th lifetime Ton-80 today while playing a match against Rob Stark in the Paul Williams Darts Non-Webcam online dart league. Sounds like a mouthful but it is really just a group of dart players using instant messaging and to play against each other in a semi organized way. Hahaha.

Seriously the online league is a lot of fun. I am finishing dead last but that's okay the league seems to have attracted some real dart talent. Rob Stark is one of the guys I can occasionally beat and we trade off whooping each other on a fairly frequent basis. Todays match was my turn as I beat him 4 legs to 1. Two of the legs could have gone either way as we both kept missing the out shots.

The game in which I hit the above Ton-80 was my best by far out of the gate but I barely squeaked out the win. I was stoked to open with 121 but the 180 that followed really made my day. I could have lost the match 0 to 5 and still be happy as a lark. A maximum will do that to me. Actually that game was very interesting, after the first two rounds I went downhill not hitting too much of anything but I almost took out 102! I missed the first dart into the single one, and with 101 remaining and two darts to spend on it, I decided to go triple 17, double bull. I hit the trip 17 but missed the double bull by the skinniest of wires. With 25 left it took me so many darts to finish I lost count. I finally landed a dart in the nuthouse to win but by then my average was down to 41.58!!

From the pic you can tell i was using the 16 gram Radarts that I tout so highly. They are wearing the Dynastar System. This seems to be a very good combination for me.

Monday, June 05, 2006

5 Count Conference Call

I haven't posted for a while so I thought I'd throw up a quick pic of this 5 count in the bulls I hit while on a conference call. I was stoked not only because it is difficult to do but because I was throwing an old set of nickel silver darts that I have not used since the very earliest days of my darting hobby. These are the 20 gram Halex darts I first bought when we were switching from soft to steel:

Also, one of the reasons I am digging through all of my old darts is because I am digging on my nylon dynastar stems and flights and I wanted to see how they do with my other sets. In the past couple of weeks I have worn them on almost all of my sets and some perform better than others. Throughout all of the experimentaion, though, I seems to be always gravitating back to my 16g Radarts. Those are some special darts and I wish I could find another set!