Sunday, December 16, 2007

26 Gram Fixed Point CT's

I call these CT's. They are not MP darts and they were made especially for me and are thus a unique one of a kind set.

The points are a little short for my taste so I may end up replacing the points (but to be fair I did ask for short points).

As you can see they are similar in shape and appearance to my 28 gram GT's.

These three darts are all made from 75% Copper Tungsten. The middle one I have had for about a year. The other two are brand new. The material darkens as it ages.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thinning Out the Herd

I would be very happy if I could get my collection down to about 36 to 48 sets of darts. really this should not be too difficult considering that I have several sets of darts that I simply do not like and several other sets that I like well enough but feel no special attachment to, and which I never throw. The set below belongs to the later group. They are really good darts with an excellent grip but I never really throw them anymore. When I used to use them more I would dress them in hammerhead points and slim flights and they perform very nicely. the depressions in the barrel for the fingers are amazingly well thought out. The other night my buddy Byron came over and I used these guys and hit several low tons. I was happy. I'd also forgotten how well I like those spiraline flights!

In the above photo you can see the points that I currently have on them. They are ordinary plain (but oddly sharp) conversion points and their sole function is to help the dart stick in a bristle board. Not very aesthetically pleasing but that is not really a requirement (okay I don't really believe that). The flights are amazing although I freely admit that these days I use mostly plain slim flights. They have a lot of drag but that is compensated by how true they fly.

I think I'll throw some hammerhead points on them this week and reminisce a little bit before they gat bought up on ebay. If they get bought that is. This is my first bay offering and they is no garantee that they will be bought.

Monday, June 04, 2007

23rd Maximum

Here it is, like so many others it came while I was on the phone chatting away:

Friday, April 13, 2007

Nice Barrel Design from Jeff Pickup

This pic was included in a set of pictures Jeff sent me regarding the streamlined MP system. I just happened to notice the nice barrel design of this dart. It looks like an nice alternative to the typical "ultra-grip" barrel designs that focus on large knurls.

Like what you see? Email Jeff and ask about prices!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Offered for Trade

22 gram Unicorn Latinum Colin Lloyds - The entire package that you see is what is included. The darts themselves, in good condition, the stems currently attached to the darts, the flights that you see, the flight protector ring, none of which have been used, and the case.

The case was damaged in shipping to me but through a complicated exercise involving super glue and scotch tape I have managed to repair it, more or less.

I prefer to trade for something unique or interesting. I like copper tungsten darts, I like old Bottelsen offerings, I like old old Unicorn offerings, etc. I would even consider trading for non-latinum Lloyds. I prefer not to sell darts. I'd rather replace them with something interesting.

5 Count with Penetrators

This 5 count in the bulls came at the very tail end of another round of the April Challenge. The first dart hit the double bull (which was the 133rd dart in the the challenge) and I tossed the other two for tossing's sake. They landed well.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Super Streamlined Pickup Points

These are some photos that Jeff had sent me a while back that I never had the chance to put up on the blog. They are of his new MP design that does two things: First, it makes the o-ring more optional that it was before as you had to really dig in his old points to fish out the embedded o-ring, and Second, lathing down the collar to match your darts makes the MP dart close in weight length and balance to an FP dart. Take a look at the photo below. As you can see the collar is extremely small and it does not consist of enough material to house an internal o-ring groove. Secondly, if you want a more free moving point you can completely omit the o-ring entirely by sliding it off the back of the point.

Here is what the MP system looks like on the dart. In this picture the collar has been gently lathed smooth to the barrel. It looks quite nice.

Like what you see? Email Jeff and ask about prices!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ozzie Doubles Trick

Well, not exactly 'Ozzie' but I was using the new darts I got in trade from Wazza, who is a darter friend from Down under and who posts to this blog occasionally. A doubles trick, for those of you who do not know, is when you hit all three doubles you are aiming at in the same round. This particular DT occurred in the thirteenth round of the April Challenge, and I was aiming at the 2, the 1 and the 20 in that order:

The darts are actually quite nice. They are short, probably 41 mm long, and have a nice feel to them with ample ringage and just a hint of taper. They are 18 grams and were designed for soft tip usage. Since I did not already have some 18 gram steel tip darts that I liked a lot I thought it would be a nice trade (and a nice trade it was!). One down side to them is that the threading is a little too tight. I cannot get steel conversion points in them all the way. This is fixable, however.

The darts themselves:

They are dressed in short spiraline stems and coal cracker dimplex flights. The practice routine I was doing is quite a good one for doubles practice and is a challenge posted over at Paul William's forum. The idea is simple: count how many darts it takes you to hit all of the doubles, including the double bull, and then post your results to compare with others. And of course try to beat your score!! Here is a link to the forum, the April Challenge is in the Dart Chat area:

Have fun!!

Sleepy Darts

Not really, there is nothing to yawn about here!! In fact I have recently engaged in two different dart trading episodes with members of SEWA. One trade was with a gentleman down under, and the other with SLEEPYKRAMER.

SLEEPYKRAMER is a woman from California who seems to have a long history with darts. Her husband was some hot shot with his own signature dart line through Bottelsen. Anyway, many kudos and many thanks to SleepyK as she has sent me some really nice darts in exchange for some 23 gram John Part Latinums which I won in the SEWA trivia contest.

The Latties (as I call the JP Latinums) are really nice darts. However, since I am unlikely to use them very often they would just sit in my collection collecting dust. I did not want this to happen so to recycle them back into the SEWA family I decided to trade them away. Of all the offers that came in I liked what SleepyK had to offer the best. Here is what I got:

25 gram Accudart GF Penetrators:

23 gram Unicorn Hustlers:

The Penetrators are really interesting darts. Their tips appear to be steel but upon closer examination you can see they are not. They are actually Carbon Fiber. They flex a bit, and the will supposedly split if the hit a wire instead of bouncing out. Accudart has always made high quality darts and it is a real shame that they are no longer making all the steel tip darts they used to. They were a truly innovative company.

The Hustlers are interesting too. Brass bodies that give the false appearance of a skinny waist. They are 2BA threaded like most darts, but they are so wide near the nose that they have a GT-esk quality to them.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

26 gram Accudart Unknowns

There are a few reasons why I know these are Accudarts. First, the stems that they came with appear proprietary and say "Accudart" on them. This combination nails it. Also, They came in an Accudart case. Last but not least, the collar of the moving point is extremely similar in design to the collars of the Accudart Penetrators that I have, although these move back and forth in the dart as well as spin. I am 99.9% certain that these are Accudart darts, I just do not know what model name belongs to it, or what "Line" it comes from.

This is a very skinny waisted dart and may have been Accudart's answer to the GT from Bottelsen. The thread size on the stem is a bit bigger than that of the GT but very very close. The GT scew in stems work on these darts. They are a bit loose but they do screw in tight enough that they will not come loose. However, the stems that come with these darts are just a hair too big to fit in the GT's. Additionally, their relatively small size compared to their 26 gram weight makes me think this is a 95% tungsten dart. This is not unreasonable given that the Penetrator line were also 95%.

Anyone with information regarding these darts, please let me know. Thanks!