Wednesday, June 25, 2008

True Evolution

Now that I have had a couple weeks to play with the new darts from Evolution, I can say that they are a truly wonderful and very well thought out design. In fact be sure to check out their other barrel designs, here, here and here! Here are some of the things I really like about these darts:

The barrel is well thought out, and well, just Grippy! The very forward portion of the gaarrel has three evenly spaced longitudinal ridges that cause my fore funger to "lock" into place. This seems to prevent the dart from rolling in my fingers and gives me a much stronger confidence in my grip. Also, the wide and evenly spaace grooves behind the head of the dart are about as non-slip as it gets.

Another very interesting feature of these darts is that they are made out of actual steel, not tungsten!! Once you get over the initial sensation of holding a dart that _looks_ like it should be much heavier then it actuaally is you start to realize that this is a very strong advantage indeed. You get the advantage of throwing a light dart (precision and control) without the usual disadvantage that goes along with them (too skinny and small to hold onto).

I am glad I discovered this company. They are doing something truly evolutionary with darts.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

17 gram Evolutions

Here are my new darts from a company in Germany called Evolution:

They are one of the most interesting darts I have ever seen. They are coated steel and they are all one piece. There is no separate stem. Makes me wonder what'll happen when they hood.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

156 Out

Today I set a new high for myself. In similar circumstances to my former high out, I went triple 20, triple 20, double 18 to take out an 18 darter. Not only does that tie my highest average game (83.5 points per round) but I got a new high out out of it to boot. The game was against my team captain and it occurred on our board at work.

My previous high out was 130, which occurred on 2-11-08 against the same guy on the same board. I went S20, T20, DB. I am very lucky to be able to play throughout the week against him. He is an extremely dangerous player and a good friend and he causes me to raise my game to a higher level.

I was throwing newly dressed darts that I have not touched in years. More on that in a later post!