Sunday, February 26, 2006

Doubling your Double Double Out with a Doubles Trick

Here is a fun trick you can only do half by accident and half on purpose. I say that because I did it by accident, but then thought it was neat. Well, not exactly by accident. I hit everything I aimed at afterall.

I had 72 left and 3 darts in hand. I decided to go 40, 32. So I aim for the double 20, hit it. then the double 16. Nailed it. One dart left. What to do.. what to do? I chucked it at the double ten for an attempted doubles trick.

Nailed it.

See, when you take out any number hitting two different doubles (on purpose or otherwise) you are accomplishing a "Double Double" out. When you hit three doubles all on purpose this is a "Doubles Trick". When you happen to be able to do both in one trip to the oche then you are..

Doubling your double double out with a doubles trick.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shanghai: The Practice Quickie

We all have our favorite practice routines. Usually they are quite long and involved. Maybe you warm up with a round of doubles, then throw four or five games of 501 against DartPro, and then finish off with a round of triples and say, I don't know, 25 bulls? Sound familiar? I can't shake a stick at the number of times I have read descriptions of peoples practice routines on the forums and they are always complicated. And usually then indicate it will last them a good two or three hours. That's not always the best way to go about it. Sometimes three darts is all you have time for, or sometimes just ten or so minutes.

What about when you are waiting for your wife to finish her hair, or waiting for your eggs to boil, or waiting for anything? What about when you are just in the mood to goof off? What do you do?

This is what I do:

It is a practice routine I call Shanghai. In the pic above you can see a (rare) successful round. The first dart was aimed at the bull, and I missed into the single 11. Then I went for the trip and the double of that wedge, and what a surprise, I hit them! Usually I do not. The idea of the game is to have a carefree and fun practice session that takes exactly long as you want it to. You practice bulls triples and doubles, in random segments. Here are the rules:

First dart: When you first start the game there are two options. Open trying to shanghai the 20s or open with a toss at the bull to see which wedge you go after first. I usually chuck on at the bull but not always.

If you hit the bull continue trying for the trick. If not the wedge you miss into first is the target for the next round. Say I chuck at the bull and hit the 3 segment. Next round I aim for the triple three. if I miss into the single (or god forbid the double) then I am still on track for a shanghai. I simply try for the trip again. If I hit it I go for the double for the shanghai. If I miss then I go back to the bull to see where I aim next.

Situation: I have three darts in hand and I am targeting the 5 wedge. First dart misses into the single 12! Did I die already? No. I am on track to shanghai the 12s now. So I go for the trip 12 and hopefully the double if I hit the trip. Otherwise back to bull for next target!

Situation: I am targeting the 13 wedge. First darts slope sinto the treble 4! Bonus. Now I have two chance at the double 4, I just need to make sure that if I miss I miss inside (turns out I missed into single and nailed the double with the third dart for Shanghai-4!).

Sometimes when you play this you are hot on bulls, and it ends up just being bulls practice. but thats okay. Hitting lots and lots of bulls builds confidence and is an excellent way to calibrate between dart sets. When you are in a bull slump it is good to put that miss to good use. There are loads of variations available with this game. So have fun!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly

Last night was my first league match of the season. And as is almost always the case with my league nights there were good points and bad points.

GOOD point number one came in the very first round of the night. I won the cork for me and my partner for a 501 game and I then proceeded to open the game with 120 points, shanghaing the 20's. I was quite happy with it. I do not know for sure what my all time high in is but that is aamong them. The rest of that game was BAD. I hit low numbers and missed many many doubles.

GOOD point number two was quite a gem. In the next game, doubles DIDO 401, I won the cork for us with a double bull, and then proceeded to double in on the double bull as well, on the first dart! What a way to start the game. The next two darts were nothing special, I think a 5 and a 20, but DB-in is hard to do (for me). I later took out 8 to win the game.

My next three games were all singles games making up a Chicago match. As usual, they put me against their strongest player for these games (I wouldn't have it any other way) and I struggled to say the least. GOOD point number three came during the first of those games when I was able to pound the bulls to come back from a huge point deficit and win the cricket game! And he opened the game with two triple 20's, so the deficit started early. Needless to say I was stoked and he was pissed.

The next two games were 501 and 301 respectively, and they weren't just ugly, they were FUGLY. He hit high scores and I answered with low scores and I never had a chance. I doubled in on the first round for the 301 game, but that was the only non-fugly part of those two games.

The last GOOD point came when me and my doubles partner beat that same guy (and his partner) twice in a row during the doubles Chicago match. Once again, the first game was cricket and my strong point was bulls. Gotta love it.

These are the darts I used last night:

Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Big Thank You to

Just as I sent out a thank you to Delboy, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Gazza at for the prize contributions to the Darts Sweepstakes over at It was a terrific contribution and I am very grateful to his generosity. The sweeps that Nick Williams runs is a nice contribution to the ODC and it is the prizes offered by Gazza and Unicorn and Delboy and others that adds to the excitement, and we are all better off for it. So Thank you Gazza!

The prize I got from is pretty cool. It is a set of 26 gram Nodor darts that are really nice looking and have a good feel when thrown. They came in a nice case with three sets of shafts and two sets of flights.

I have been aware of for quite sometime now, but I never really explored the site thoroughly until I learned I'd be getting a set of darts that was offered by Gazza in the sweeps. The site is prtty extensive and there is much to see and do there. There is a nice selection of darts for sale, featuring mainly the Nodor line, all of which are good looking darts and which seem to be priced quite resonably. In addition to the darts he sells accessories, shirts and his PC game.

The PC game was one of the prizes offered in the sweeps, but since I am on a Mac it isn't much use to me (at least not until Darwine provides and exe environment). And the site features a world league which you can participate in if you happen to have this PC game. But it doesn't seem to be web based, per se, like

The site has other interesting tid bits as well, such as a page of links (hey! why isn't The Dart Indoors in there!), a section for discussion and news, and "flutter" which seesm to be something to do with gambling.

Anyway, has contributed selflessly to the online dart community by offering prizes for the sweeps and it would be great if anyone reading this would take some time and poke around his site, and consider buy stuff from him next time you need supplies. You can find his site here:

Saturday, February 18, 2006

A Big Thank You to Delboysdarts

I would like to extend a huge thank you to delboysdarts for the prize contributions to the Darts Sweepstakes over at It was a terrific contribution and I am very grateful to his generosity. The sweeps that Nick Williams runs is a nice contribution to the ODC and it is the prizes offered by delboysdarts and gazza and Unicorn and others that adds to its unique character, and we are all the richer for it. So Thank you Delboy.

The prizes I got from delboysdarts are terrific. I got a set of 26 gram Ruthless Ringed darts, as well as 9 sets of white standard flights. Also were two standard flights with a robot head on them. I don't know what happened to the third, but the pckage was damaged so it may have fallen out in the post.

I took a look around delboys website to see all the great changes he made earlier in the year. It looks like he has expanded his inventory quite a bit adding a lot of the most sought after Unicorn products, but still keeping all of his regular darts. He also has a dart that I have never seen anywhere else, and that is Kong's signature dart:

The coolest thing about his site, in my opinion, is his shipping policy. If you are already in the UK then you will note that he has free shipping for all orders, otherwise, as long as you are ordering at least 50 GBP worth of stuff he has free shipping worldwide!! That makes it easy. I know I can shop there, even from the USA, and not get killed on shipping. Besides, when I place an online order it is often more than 50 GBP worth. As of today, 50 GBP = 87.07 USD.

Also take note of his personalized flights. You can do text or graphics and I am thinking about putting together a personalized flights order for my dart team next time I make an order. Once we finally get out team shirts desiged I may have some flights made to match. That would be cool, esspecially if you can have pictures put on pear shaped flights. contributed selflessly to the sweepstakes, making the entire online dart community all the richer for it. Next time you want to order darts or supplies, please consider repaying his generosity by ordering from him. His webssite can be found here:

Friday, February 17, 2006

No. 10: 1st Ton-80 of 2006!

This is my tenth lifetime ton-80 and I am quite pleased with it:

Just tossing some light practice with no real focus or sense of urgency. Nothing intence just an occational toss at the board. I hit the first two right next to each other and I then did a really excellent job of not choking. I mentally took note of the situation without letting it affect my rhythm, stance grip or composure and that third dart slipped right in there as pretty as you please.

The darts:

Points: Fixed
Barrels: 24 gram Nodor STT-900
Stems: Short Aluminum
Flights: Unicorn Dimplex Pear

Monday, February 13, 2006

Darting the Good Dart

Well the newest addition to the family have been performing well. I have been hitting a lot of big numbers lately although I have not hit any Ton-80's with them. I have hit several 120+ scores though, several back to back, and a bunch of Ton-40s. This is a good sign and I hope I am not jinxing them with this post.

This shot was a particularly nice group which was just a millimeter or two short of my first Ton-80 of the year. I am hoping for more good scores in the days to come. Unfortunately a work trip is going to keep me away from my first league match of the year (well the first week was a bye). The first actual match against an opponent that is.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gotta Love It

You gotta love it when the first throw of the day results in a hat trick. Odd that you can pick up your darts completely cold and throw a round as if you have been warming up for an hour.

I have been liking the new darts quite a bit. They fly with quite a bit of authority to the targets I intend (haha sometimes) and I like their body style. Front loaded but kinda short, narrowing to a pretty small waist. The stems I have are the only length that came with the darts but they make for a well configured dart.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Odd Find

I was wandering around the mall this afternoon killing time. Didn't expect to see any dart stuff at all, since the area I am in is really really bad for brick and mortar type dart places. I wandered into the cutlery store and started looking at all the knives and daggers and Klingon looking ninja crap. I was enjoying their selection and moving slowly down the counter and then all of a sudden I see a bucket on the counter with discounted dart stuff. Stems and flights and tools, etc. A closer examination revealed some dart sets behind the counter, mostly soft tip. I started chatting with the guy. He started showing me some of the sets and I asked if there were any steel tip darts there. He said no, but all I needed to do was put one of these conversion tip sets on the darts and then they become steel tip. This is what I said:

"Cool. Whats the heaviest set you got?"

He proceeded to show me a set of Piranha soft tips which were marked 20 grams. Then he said this: "But once you put the conversion tips on them they become 24 grams." Conversion points do not weight 4 grams each. There is no way. Even if they were solid tungsten tips they would not. So I said this:


I wasn't going to buy them anyway and I didn't feel like being one of those pedantic pricks who feels the need to correct people all the time. Thats when I noticed these behind the counter:

I immediately recognized them as a set of steel tip darts that takes the special small threaded stems that are usually listed as "kung fu" or "villain" stems. Such as can be seen HERE and HERE. I couldn't resist. I had to have a set. I have never had this kind before. Besides, I was already elated that I found a place that sells dart stuff. Plus he made it hard to resist. He threw in a set of flights to replace the crappy warped ones the darts came with, and I told him I didn't like the case so he let me swap it out for a wooden one. On top of all that he knocked off ten bucks. These be them:

The dart case they were in didn't say anything about their weight but when I got home and weighed the barrels they were 24 gram (my preferred weight!!) and I believe they were called 'Scoundrels' made by either DMI or Dart World. Not sure. If anyone knows what they are please tell me! Thanks!!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Consequences of Underdarting

Hi all,

Thanks for the comments you have been leaving and the fact that you have been checking my blog with a great deal more dedication than I have been posting to it. My silence has been long but it has not been golden. I have been busying myself with many things over the last month but unfortunately little of it had to do with darts. I have been dedicating myself to work and the pursuit of a Linux certification (which had led to the creation of a new blog - with only one post so far!!):

There are also other distractions which are not relevant to mention here (but most of them are good things...). Let's just say one of them led me to the discovery that Tungsten is used in other industries than darts ;)

Darting has been hot and cold for me in January 2006. I have been continuing to work on my July-2004 project, and I have joined the Steel Tip league again although I lost my captainship through an uncanny and unfortunate process of fission, then fusion. Our first week in league was a bye week so we had a team practice. I won all the games I played, but had to leave early. I was only playing against my teammates though, and we are all B Leaguers so winning the games I did play was no big feat. I don't think I had any good darts to report other than maybe a hat trick and some six mark rounds in cricket.

As evidence of my degradation, I offer this photo, which shows three darts all aimed at the triple 20!! Where has my accuracy gone? (I know, I know: "what accuracy?"):