Wednesday, July 30, 2008

23 gram GT-Plus

I recently gained these darts in a very favorable trade with a guy on Sewa. They are 23 gram GT+ darts that are not made anymore and as far as I know have not been made for decades. These are the first of their kind that I have ever seen, although I have known about these as well as the equally rare GTZ's for a few years now. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are even more rare Bottelsen darts out there waiting to be discovered. It first occurred to me to think about Bottelsen's historical offerings when I discovered the set of fixed point Mega-Thrust darts on eBay a few years ago. I wish they would put all of their old catalogs online like Unicorn does. Then I could peruse them looking for even rarer darts ;)

To get these, I traded away my 28 gram Black Widows which I bought probably five or more years ago during league. I haven't thrown them regularly for a long time so it didn't bother me to let them go so much, even though they _are_ attached to the memory of an AWESOME night. I was using them the night that we swept the Molly McGuires team 12-0 in the semi-finals of B League in Fall 2003. I could not miss that night, and the widows were flying very true. Nonetheless, my taste in darts has been leaning towards lighter darts in the last several years so the widows have seen more shelf time than not lately. I did get them out and threw a few practice rounds with them before I shipped them off to JME (of Sewa). The practice rounds were unremarkable which made me feel better about packing them up and shipping them off.

It's funny how people shy away from fat darts because they think it is harder to get them all in a single triple wedge. This may be true in theory, but it has infinitely more to do with consistency in aiming. The below shot is from a Foam Axe practice round I did tonight.


My thirty first maximum actually came several weeks ago while I was warming up for a shoot at Coopers. I do not recall the specifics of the evening and I am sure I did not do well in the shoot otherwise I probably would have blogged something about it.

The above pic was not the max I hit several weeks ago, but I was using the same darts with the exact same configuration. 17 gram Featherlights, medium snow white stems, and slim polys. The above pic isn't even a true ton-80. Instead it was the culmination of a Foam Axe practice round that I was shooting tonight after work.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Square Dart from Jeff Pickup

Zeeple's Latest

These are a Pickup custom that he recently sent to me: