Monday, March 20, 2006

Juergen's Trick Shot

Juergen, a frequent contributer to this blog, sent me this photo of a trick shot he pulled off on Saturday. In addition to hitting his 24th and 25th Ton-80's for the year, that is ;)

I am certain Juergen would be happy to note that there is currently a Ton-80 contest going on over at, based on the honor system. So far I have failed to hit a ton-80 after the inception of the contest but I am hoping to get my name on the board soon. Maybe I just need to come up with a set of PT Purists like everyone else is doing.


jsobo119 said...

cool... My cousin did that at league last week it was pretty cool... well it was league nite and we had a bye... oh well... on another note I posted a version of cricket scorer on the blog...



Zeeple said...

Excellent. Your cricketscorer is absolutely the best option for playing cricket across the net. You did a really nice job with it.