Thursday, March 30, 2006

Doubles Trick Finish

Here is a doubles trick I pulled off which also happened to be the three remaining doubles I need to finish a doubles practice session. Normally 15, 13 and 11 are the last three, but I happened to hit my 15 earlier in the session leaving these.

The darts themselves are my old 28 gram GT's. They are wearing Pickup Points, as well as short black GT shafts and Black Widow pear flights. I don't know why I dug these out again, but it has servered to remind me how much I like Bottelsen darts, how much I like tapered barrels and how much I like these darts in particular. Perhaps I'll use them in league coming up. It has also rejuvinated my interest in perfecting the GT Dynamod. More to come on that.


Anonymous said...

Is that the first time you have rotated the Eclipse? It looks like your 13 (which I'm guessing was the 20) is pretty beat up.

Zeeple said...

Good eye. Yes, I have only had this board since christmas. Thus, it did nnot occur to me it could take so much abuse in so little time. I rotated it when I noticed it in a photo once. Stare at it dead on and in normal light it is not nearly as noticable.