Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Bowtie

I would like to thank an anonymous commenter from a few posts back for offering this idea. I have tried it and it is a terrific addition, or change rather, to the shanghai practice game I use. Here is a pic first, then I will describe:

First, follow the link above to read anon's comment because it is a good description of the Bowtie. But notice in my pic above I am not going for the doubles. I happened to be doing a round of triples at the time and was taking a break from it with a little shanghai (I will do that sometimes if I am missing the trips badly). Well, normally in shanghai, if your first dart hits the bull then you cannot make a shanghai so you just do a round of bulls practice. In the bowtie situation you go for opposite segments. In the pic above you can see I hit the bull first dart, and then the second dart was aimed at the trip 6. I missed low into the trip 10. So the third dart went for the trip 14 and I hit it. Thus forming a bow tie.

Here you can see the only actual shanghai I achieved in that practice round. These are not the normal darts I use though:


Anonymous said...

I do a similar practise routine lately:

Starting with D20, DB, D3
and then going around the clock
D1, DB, D19
D18, DB, D7

I espacially like this one for warm up before a match

Zeeple said...

Wow that sounds like a really good practice or warm up routine. It sounds very simlar to something I do that I refer to as "calibrating." Here is how I calibrate my darts before a match:

DB, T20, D16. over and over. If I hit either a triple or a double though I move on. So lets say I hit the D16 on the first pass. Then the next round would be DB, T20, D8. etc.

Anonymous said...

Hey congratulations on your bowtie! A good one at that too. I'm glad you liked my idea and were able to work it in to a practice once in a while. I now regularly use your Shanghai technique and work in the bowtie should I hit the first bull and miss the second.

Zeeple said...

Awesome. See this is what the internet is all about. The exchange of ideas and the mutual improvement of ourselves as dart players. I am glad I could contribute, if nominally, to your dart practice routines!

Anonymous said...

i have one to your most heard of
throw dart at double 6, one dart at
double 11 and the last dart at doudle bull.

Zeeple said...

That's awesome kdog. Are you saying you hit one of those? That is in essence a bowtie, but it is also a very special bowtie. From now on we'll call that the "kdog". Thanks for the contribution, dude.