Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Home Made Dart Pouch

Here is my latest project:

I am making my own dart pouch out of some scrape leather I bought. The idea was to come up with a pouch just big enough to hold everything I need for a nights play in the bar without having to carry around a dart case, or anything else so big that you have to leave it on the table or bar. So the dart pouch I am making will have two sides. One side, as you can see from the first pic is three cylinders to hold the darts fully assembled and ready for action (as opposed to fully assembled and stowed like the Dartmaster). So for this to be useful I will have to find a way to keep it on my body during the night. I have two ideas in mind, one is for my team to have shirted pockets, and the other is to have a leather cord attached to both upper corners so I can wear it around my neck. I think I will go with the cord. and wear it. My team doesn't have shirts yet and it is unlikely they will be anything other than a tee shirt.

The flip side, or probably for purposes of hanging the back side, is a deerskin pouch (as you can see form the second pic). Right now the pouch exists and the flap is big enough to close but I do not have the tiny snaps I need for use with deerskin (which is thin and elastic compared to the leather I used on the other side). The pouch I wanted to be big enough to hold a few extra flights and a few extra stems but so big that it gets bulky. I mean, how much do you really need on league night. I might find some way to attach the dart sharpener but beyond that you really don't need much. If you use nylon stems and fixed points you do not need a "tool" although most dart tools will be small and flat enough to go in the pouch no prob.

As you can see from the profile view in the third pic it is really a pretty streamlined pouch. Most of the thickness comes from a combination of the leather on the cylinder side and whatever is in the pouch. This should make it pretty easy and undistracting to wear around the neck. I might also try something different. SInce the darts fit in the cylinders pretty snuggly. I might attach a metal loop through one corner and then attach a clip to it and I have have it hanging from a belt loop or something like that. At any rate it seems like a really good alternative to leaving your stuff on a table in a crowded bar.


Anonymous said...

You what going to happen with this one, everyone going to say it looks like this one or that one, or this company has the same thing that you are doing, why not order it. Why order it when you have spare leather and you know somewhat of what you need or want, plus it is free, more money for whatever(dart stuff, beer, food).

Zeeple said...

kdog: it's all about the joy of leathercraft and having your own unique items. Why would you want to buy some mass produced leather dart holder when you can have one you made yourself that you poured your blood sweat and tears into?

Anonymous said...

kudos to that