Monday, December 19, 2005

A Case for Micros

From top to bottom you aare seeing three different configurations of the Vector Darts. The very top is how they came in the box, with the extra short aluminum shafts and gold tips. This is a decent configuration but it is just a tad long. The next dart below that also has an extra short aluminum shaft but sports my CPF. This is a minor change as the pear shaped flights are only slightly smaller in surface area than the standard shaped flights.

The last dart in the top photo has extra short nylon stem. Tht was the only further change I made for the first few hours of throwing. I found this was almost as good as it gets for this dart. The extra short nylon stems are, surprisingly, quite a bit shorter than the extra short aluminums. This is good to know. After an hour or so throwing these darts and watching them land half hanging down out of the board I remembered that I own an even shorter shaft. The Micros! Now I have experimented with the micro aluminums before but I never really found any darts that they "belong" on. Now I have.

This is the configuration that I have found that works best for the OV Smarts. The micro aluminums provide an overall dart length that I feel meets my criteria for a well configured dart. The black micros with the black poly pears make for a subtle sleek appearance. The only other problem to correct was the gold colored points. Not only did they not match the rest of the dart, they are not very good points. So I replaced them with some Pickup Points. The Pickup Points match the dart's color scheme and are a superior design.

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