Thursday, September 19, 2019

An Unhappy Ass-Handing

Last night's league match was an ass handing of the less pleasant variety.  I had fun, of course, because its darts, and I enjoy all my teammates but my darts were not flying true for me for most of the night.  At a high level, I won my only two singles games, but lost all four of my doubles games.  And while I hit 416 glory points on the night, I was not hitting the 60's at all.

My first singles game was 401 against Wanni and it was a well played game on both our parts.  Better on his part, even.  I won by taking out a 20 on my third dart at it and throw a 57.3 average.  In the game I had a single ton against hit two tons and a 61.5 average.  I have no doubt he would have won the game on the next round.  He is a good player.

My other singles game was a Cricket game against Casey.  Also a good player but in this game I clearly out shot him.  I threw a 2.1 to his 1.3, I hit one five mark round early in the game, and hit two dead rounds.  In the last three rounds I hit a single bull and a double bull to win.

My first doubles game was a 501 with Jacob.  My only good shot was a 116, and I didn't even hit any other 60+ scores. I also missed several shots at the out which is what cost us the game.  The second doubles was also a 501, but with Cory.  This time I put up no big numbers, only hit a single treble during the entire game and missed lots of doubles for the loss.  That was a C League effort through and through.

I also lost both doubles Cricket matches.  They went like this:  The first was with John.  I hit no big rounds and had three completely dead rounds at the end when we needed bulls.  Had I hit even one each round we might have won the game but we earned that loss.  The second was with Dani, and while I happily did not have any dead rounds, I didn't have any fivers either, and we just got outshot.

In the team game I hit two tons but missed my outs. Luckily a teammate did hit his so we only lost 7-14.  Given how I was playing it could have definitely been worse.

The darts I took with me were the 22 gram Harrows Bristow Power Points, and the 26 gram McCoy smooth barreled copper tungstens.  Threw better with the McCoys, but only marginally.

Next week we are hosting Misunderestimated at Kates.

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