Monday, September 09, 2019

100 Darts at the 20's

This is a nice practice routine that I picked up from  The idea is quite simple and allows you to have a short intense 20's practice session.  The idea is that you throw 100 darts at the Triple 20 and track what you hit.  As you can see:

At the pub the other day I wrote 1 thru 33 (and added the +1 to represent the lat 1/3 round) so that I could track the game easily, and notated the hits each round. A '1' represents a single 20, a '3' represents a triple, etc.  So a notation of '113' means I hit 2 singles and a triple.

in the game above I use the Voks Bandits.  One pleasing note regarding that game is that I didn't have any dead rounds until that last third round.  I only had one dart and it missed wide into the 5, as I recall.

I've only played this a couple times, but score 78, which I am hoping is not bad but can still be improved upon.

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